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Video: Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones go to war on Twitter

Watch our history of the wildest Twitter smack thrown down by Jones and Cormier over the years.

Daniel Cormier may be fighting Stipe Miocic for the UFC heavyweight belt at UFC 226 on July 7th, but looming over the fight is the shadow of Jon Jones, Cormier’s nemesis. Jones is the only man to defeat Cormier, having done it twice in between scandals and drug test failures that continue to have him sitting on the sidelines to this day.

But the cage isn’t the only place Jones and Cormier have done war. They’ve also engaged in mad Twitter beef with each other over the years, and it’s gotten pretty damn salty even by MMA fighter standards. We’ve scanned the wreckage for the best back and forths between the two and boiled the feud down to its three main flashpoints:

June 2018: A comment from Jones on a UFC post proclaiming “DC” a GOAT nominee sets off a series of slams that quickly got personal.

July 2017: Unsurprisingly, things got very heated in the weeks leading up to their long awaited rematch at UFC 214.

April 2016: Cormier pulls out of an attempted rematch at UFC 197 with an injury. Things devolve into name calling almost immediately.

Watch the video for all of the Twitter smack talk being thrown by Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier. We think they’re just as good as the real fights!

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