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‘I couldn’t ignore it’ — Watch Michael Bisping call out ‘sleepy’ Max Holloway on UFC Tonight (Video)

It only took a few minutes of talking to UFC featherweight champion, Max Holloway, for UFC Tonight analyst and former middleweight kingpin Michael Bisping to know that something was wrong with the “Blessed” titleholder.

“I couldn’t ignore it,” the Brit wrote on Twitter.

Holloway was on the FOX Sports 1 program breaking down his Brian Ortega title fight at UFC 226 this weekend in Las Vegas, which has since been canceled, and appeared to be less eloquent and certainly less chipper than his usual high-energy self.

“The Count” first suspected a tough weight cut.

“Max, you say you feel great, don’t be offended when I say this, but you look like you just got out of bed,” Bisping said. “Are you tired? What’s going on? How’s the weight cut? Are you drained? You look a little sleepy.”

Holloway assured the Brit all was well, but I don’t think Bisping was buying it.

“As I say, no offense, you just look like you were falling asleep on me there.”

I am certainly unqualified to make any sort of medical judgment and I know the studio plastered him with make up, but something about the right side of his face just doesn’t look right and that ... that’s some scary shit.

Let’s hope Holloway is able to get back to himself as soon as possible.

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