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Video: What can be done about extreme weight cutting in MMA?

This exclusive video takes a look into the most deadly aspect of an already dangerous sport.

Mixed martial arts is already one of the most dangerous sports on earth, so violent that it took decades to be legalized across America. So how is it that we’ve added another potentially life threatening aspect to it before fighters even step into the cage?

Weight cutting has been a thing since MMA evolved into weight classes, but something has clearly started to go very wrong over the past couple of years. Fighters are cutting an extreme number of pounds in an attempt to gain size and strength advantages, to disastrous effects.

It’s not just about losing big name fights at the last minute. Athletes are passing out, suffering seizures, and screwing up their endocrine systems every time they fight. There have been deaths outside the UFC, and it seems like only a matter of time before the biggest organization suffers a loss if things don’t change.

This exclusive video goes over the problem of extreme weight cutting and what the UFC and athletic commissions are doing to combat the issue.

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