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Midnight Mania! UFC’s treatment of Colby Covington shows interim belts are worthless

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

So much for Colby Covington’s White House plans.

I’m not exactly crying for UFC’s least likable figure, but the promotion just skipping past its own interim champion AGAIN (Remember El Cucuy!) shows how utterly worthless interim belts are. Covington had that belt for less than two months before it made plans to strip him -- for a fighter who missed weight in his last bout! I generally enjoy watching Darren Till fight, but he squeaked by Stephen Thompson in a staring contest where basically nothing happened, yet UFC opted to go with him over the guy with interim gold around his waist.

That tells you all you need to know about how UFC views the interim belts.

Indeed, its belts are fiat currency as it is, held up by the good faith and trust of the mixed martial arts (MMA) fanbase. There are no sanctioning bodies behind the belts, no legal weight justifying their existence. UFC owns the belts — they have no independent value. Their only value is the value UFC itself holds as a near-monopoly on the sport’s top talent. That faith and trust in its brand and title belts can be eroded (and has been eroded) as UFC has created more divisions over the years. Lately, it has been handing out interim belts like candy whenever a sitting champion so much as sneezes. When it then strips its own interim champions whenever it pleases, it becomes obvious what is happening here: UFC gold is suffering from runaway inflation.

Fighters are catching on. Brian Ortega recently turned down a last-minute fight for an interim belt, and this Covington situation seems to justify his call. The fans have largely caught on already; the question becomes, what good, exactly, is a belt as a promotional tool when no one believes it means anything? The answer doesn’t reflect a long-term strategy for growing the sport, but more of the myopic decision-making the UFC has been making ever since the Fertittas decided to sell the company. With the ESPN deal insulating UFC’s revenue stream through 2024, will these short-term decisions cost them anything?


Nick Newell was given a tough match up and lost his second MMA fight on the DWTNCS tonight. He’s taking the loss on the chin and moving forward:

She hit him with the Yoel Romero uppercut. To be clear, I’m not condoning this, exactly, but it sure sounded like he said the black kids stank because they are dirty. Whoever has been teaching him that, is the person that needs to get punched.

Congrats to Jim Miller!


Mike Perry pledges his love to his only girl.

The only girl who love me

A post shared by Platinum Mike Perry (@platinummikeperry) on

I really want to see the Platinum-Borrachinha sparring sessions.

Speaking of Paulo Costa, this is an amazing fight, the ageless Cuban musclehead vs. the young Brazilian powerhouse.

In case you missed it, Cyborg is really gunning for this superfight with Amanda Nunes.

You know that saying about jiu-jitsu being like drowning lions in the ocean? Jaguars wouldn’t have that problem.

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Mike Davis might have lost to Sodiq Yussuf but this was slick

Remarkable kicks do not always mean UFC contracts, exhibit 2:

When you forget which sport you are in:

Podcasts and Video

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UFC on Fox 30 is going to be a banger! Pair it with the right beer, courtesy of Flyin’ Brian J:

It was amazing to hear my personal favorite MMA show, the Co-Main Event podcast, shout out my Kickstarter project, SwitchKick as I was driving to work this morning- listen at 31:15! Hearken to the words of Chad Dundas:

Random Land

Impressive skills!


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