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Woodley: Colby Covington sidelined with ‘sore vagina,’ Darren Till too fat to fight

Has another case of “Vaginitis” infected the UFC locker room?

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight titleholder, Tyron Woodley, was part of last week’s pissing contest that started with interim 170-pound champion, Colby Covington, and top division contender, Darren Till.

According to the Liverpool slugger, UFC tried to book Woodley vs. Covington to unify the straps; however, “Chaos” was unable to answer the call due to injury, so matchmakers then switched to Plan B, putting Till opposite Woodley for all the marbles.

Except “The Chosen One” turned it down ... or did he? The M.I.A. Woodley spoke to TMZ Sports (transcribed by and claimed the too-heavy Till went rogue and that the aforementioned Covington was nursing a “sore vagina.”

“Queefington was supposed to fight me. He called Dana [White] and said, ‘Hey, Dana um…my vagina’s sore…and um…I don’t think I can fight Tyron Woodley,’” the champ said. “So now I got somebody who hit me up at 2am on Twitter saying, ‘sign the contract’. I hate when fighters do that. I don’t have no damn contract and who are you? Didn’t you just miss weight? If you want to fight me have your manager set it up, have Dana White set it up and that’s the deal.”

I wonder if “sore vagina” is anything like “pussyitis.”

Covington claimed the substitute strap by turning away Rafael dos Anjos back in June and was expected to put it on the line against Woodley at UFC 228 in September. That timeline didn’t work for Brazil’s public enemy, which is how Till reentered the equation.

As with most online arguments, there’s no telling how much truth is involved, but one thing we have confirmed for certain is that Covington wants time off. With that in mind, how should the promotion proceed?

Here's one option I hate.

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