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Brendan Schaub still thinks Dana White is a ‘dick’ but won’t engage in any more negativity

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White and former heavyweight contender, Brendan Schaub, got into a very heated social media war last week which saw them take low blows at one another.

After warning his former boss to stand down before he dug even deeper into his bag of secrets, Schaub is now cooling things down. Taking to his “Below the Belt” podcast, “Big Brown” says while he still doesn’t agree with how White runs his business and treats his fighters, he won’t engage in anymore negativity and add more drama to an already dark world.

“Name one person, name one fighter who was close to Dana that has never had an issue with. Name one,” he said (via “There’s a reason [that] after I launched that tweet, that Instagram comment… There’s a reason why I had…I mean tons of fighters reach out to me. Tons of UFC employees reach out to me. Tons of employees from Reebok reach out to me, former fighters, media members,“ he added.

“Why do you think that is? Cause everyone’s thinkin’ this: [Dana White] motivates by fear. That’s not a way to run a business. That’s not the way to do things, it’s 2018. You just can’t do that. Why do you think all those people are reaching out to me? Why do you think this is getting so many likes? Why do you think this is the topic of all this stuff? Cause you’re a dick,” he added.

One of Schaub’s biggest issues was White bashing on his fighters after a tough loss instead of supporting them in a positive way, as was the case with Dana’s criticism of Francis Ngannou after his lackluster effort against Derrick Lewis at UFC 226.

While the fight wasn’t the most exciting, Schaub says instead of kicking his fighter while he’s down, Dana could’ve taken a more positive route. Unfortunately for the majority of UFC employees and fighters, they are afraid to fight back for fear of repercussions.

“And no one can say anything cause they’re scared to lose their job. I’m not. I need nothing from you. I need no approval, I don’t need a promotion, I don’t work for you…I do none of that. I tell you the truth,” he added. “You’re a dick. You’re a dick, man. You’ve made it, you’re at the top of the mountain shouting. But don’t shout negativity. What are you doing? The work is dark enough, it’s a dark and negative world. I will never stand for it, ever,” he continued.

“I have been in those guys’ shoes. I have been in that exact same scenario where you are working your ass off and you are looking for some sort of of approval from the head guy who controls your destiny, what matchups and publicity you get, and now your sponsors and how much success you’re going to have,” added Brendan.

“You’re looking for any inch of approval. If you walk by that man in the hall and he says, ‘Great job tonight,’ it goes so far. So why be mean about it? Why be a bully in this day in age? Why continue to shit on people? You’ve won, man. You’ve won. You are a CEO of a billion-dollar company and you are trying to talk shit to somebody who retired four years ago on social media. What are you doing? What are we doing? Someody else in the head of a corporation would lose thier job talking shit to people like that. What the fuck are you doing? It makes zero sense.”

So are we still getting that tell-all book, or nah?

According to Brendan, he has no hate or ill will toward Dana and if the outspoken UFC president called him up to end the beef, he would do so gladly and move on about his business.

As for Schaub’s advice to all of the current UFC fighters, just because White is captain of the ship doesn’t mean they have to sit back and keep quite and not speak up for themselves.

Some are already way ahead of the game.

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