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UFC Fight Night 134 live results stream, play-by-play updates for ‘Shogun vs Smith’ in Hamburg

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will make a quick turnaround for its FOX Sports 1 return, lighting up the televised airwaves TODAY (Sun., July 22, 2018) with UFC Fight Night 134 inside Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg, Germany, which includes additional preliminary bouts airing on UFC Fight Pass. Headlining the overseas fight card is the light heavyweight showdown pitting ex-division kingpin, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, opposite dangerous 205-pound power puncher Anthony Smith. In the light heavyweight co-main event, former No. 1 title contender, Glover Teixeira, looks to make quick work of late-replacement Corey Anderson. In addition, longtime heavyweight veteran, Stefan Struve, tries to stay afloat in the 265-pound ocean opposite hot-and-cold international bruiser Marcin Tybura. will deliver LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Fight Night 134 fight card below, starting with the Fight Pass “Prelims” undercard bout at 10:30 a.m. ET, followed by the FOX Sports 1 “Prelims” undercard bouts at 12 p.m. ET, before the main card start time at 2 p.m. ET, also on FOX Sports 1.

Keep in mind that we will also be the spot for the latest news, recaps, and post-fight analysis following “Shogun vs. Smith.”

Without further delay, see below for the latest UFC Fight Night 134 results. (Note: This will go from the bottom up; therefore, scroll toward the bottom for the latest detailed round-by-round action.)


Mauricio Rua vs. Anthony Smith — Smith def. Rua by KO (punches) at 1:29 of Round One
Glover Teixeira vs. Corey Anderson — Anderson def. Teixeira by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Abu Azaitar vs. Vitor Miranda — Azaitar def. Miranda by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Stefan Struve vs. Marcin Tybura — Tybura def. Struve by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)
Danny Roberts vs. David Zawada — Roberts def. Zawada by split decision (27-30, 29-28 x2)
Marc Diakiese vs. Nasrat Haqparast — Haqparast def. Diakiese by unanimous decision (30-37 x2, 30-26)
Damir Hadzovic vs. Nick Hein — Hadzovic def. Hein by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Bartosz Fabinski vs. Emil Meek — Fabinski def. Meek by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)
Nad Narimani vs Khalid Taha — Narimani def. Taha by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)
Justin Ledet vs. Aleksandar Rakic — Rakic def. Ledet by unanimous decision (30-25, 30-24 x2)
Davey Grant vs. Manny Bermudez — Bermudez def. Grant by technical submission (triangle choke) at 0:59 of Round One
Jeremy Kimball vs. Darko Stosic — Stosic def. Kimball by TKO (elbows and punches) at 3:13 of Round One
Pingyuan Liu vs. Damian Stasiak — Liu def. Stasiak by unanimous decision 30-27, 29-28 x2)


205 lbs.: Mauricio Rua vs. Anthony Smith

Round 1: Leg kicks from both men. Glancing overhand by Shogun. Smith whacks him with a left hook and a clean front kick to the fece. 1-2 clips Shogun and he’s hurt. Smith tearing into him with punches. Shogun goes to sleep on his feet and the ref steps in as the Brazilian crumbles.

Final result: Smith def. Rua by KO (punches)

205 lbs.: Glover Teixeira vs. Corey Anderson

Round 1: Anderson firing his jab early. Teixeira lands a left hook and uppercut as he stuffs a takedown. They trade on the fence. Anderson shoots once again. Teixeira gets underhooks and separates a minute in. Anderson to the body. Anderson shoots once again, denied once again. Two minutes in. Teixeira catches him leaning with an uppercut. Anderson shoots again, stuffed again. Jabs, right hand, another takedown attempt by Anderson. This one gets Teixeira to his butt. Two minutes to go.

Anderson almost in mount. Teixeira works his way back up, dragged back down. One hook in for Anderson. Teixeira stands once again. Anderson transitions from a single-leg to a double-leg for another takedown. Teixeira makes it back to his feet right away. One minute to go. Uppercut buzzes Teixeira. Hard right hand, then another and a left hook. Anderson ducks a right hand for a takedown attempt, but Teixeira clamps down in a guillotine. Anderson makes it through. 10-9 Anderson.

Round 2: Anderson shoots through a guillotine, Teixeira immediately pops up and looks for his own takedown. He ducks an elbow for another shot, no dice. Back to the center a minute in. Anderson denies a level change and grabs a front headlock. Left hook on the break. Overhand right by Teixeira. They trade right hands inside and Teixeira wobbles. Anderson looks for the back and drops punches. Teixeira gets to his knees, Anderson has a hook in. Two minutes to go.

Punches piling up for Anderson. Teixeira scrambles up. They trade right hands. Anderson shoots again, brings him down against the fence. One minute to go. Half guard for Anderson, dropping punches. Now briefly threatens an arm triangle, drops elbows until the bell. 10-9 Anderson.

Round 3: Anderson lands a body kick, pressing forward. Right hand and left hok by Anderson. Body shot, straight right, level change. Teixeira avoids it. Anderson shoots under a right hand. One minute in. Chain wrestling by Anderson, gets Teixeira to his knees. Back to their feet. Two minutes in. Combination for Anderson, uppercut lands clean. Double knee catches Teixeira leaning and Anderson stuffs a takedown. He winds up on top in half guard. Teixeira scrambles up with two minutes to go.

Anderson stuffs another takedown, lands one, avoids a guillotine on the way down. One minute to go. Teixeira on his knees, Anderson looking for a hook. Teixeira scrambles up, lands an uppercut. Anderson presses him against the fence, lands a spinning elbow. Teixeira goes for a last-second guillotine and winds up on top. 10-9 Anderson.

Final result: Anderson def. Teixeira by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Abu Azaitar vs. Vitor Miranda

Round 1: Azaitar throwing heat, as expected. Good body shot. Leg kick lands. Miranda tries a high kick, blocks a flurry. One minute in. Azaitar lands a right hand. Another flurry to the body and head. Leg kick by Miranda, Azaitar jabs the body. Front kick downstairs. Two minutes in. 1-2 from Miranda, who gets backed off by power shots. Overhand right lands for Azaitar, then body shots. Low kick from Miranda. Two minutes to go.

Overhand right again by Azaitar. Miranda hits a well-timed takedown into guard. Short shots from “Lex Luthor.” One minute to go. Body-head. Azaitar kicks him off, shoots, and opens up until the bell. 10-9 Azaitar.

Round 2: Azaitar looking a bit winded. Low kick from Miranda. Azaitar jabs the body. They trade jabs. Knees by Miranda catch Azaitar coming in. One minute in. Right hand from Azaitar ,pushing forward. Miranda shoots, winds up on top after an ill-advised roll from Azaitar. From side control to mount and now he’s got an arm triangle. Azaitar escapes, eats a knee on the way up. Another takedown from Miranda into half guard. He goes right back to mount, but Azaitar rolls into guard. Two minutes to go.

Miranda looking to set something up from his back. Ref wants action, stands them up. Hard leg kick from Miranda. Azaitar lands a right hand and stuffs a takedown. Miranda on his knees. Azaitar looks for the back. 10-9 Miranda.

Round 3: Body kick from Azaitar. He shoots for an easy double-leg. Suddenly, Miranda spins for an armbar a minute in. His legs aren’t quite in the right position, but he winds up on top, only for Azaitar to look for an inverted triangle. Miranda in side control, Azaitar regains guard two minutes in. Side control once again. Two minutes to go.

Short punches from Miranda He tries to step into mount, winds up getting swept. Half guard for Azaitar. Azaitar takes the back. Miranda turns into guard and tries some desperate punches. 10-9 Miranda.

Final result: Azaitar def. Miranda by unanimous decision

265 lbs.: Stefan Struve vs. Marcin Tybura

Round 1: Low kicks from Struve. Tybura hits an easy single-leg a minute in. Struve has butterfly hooks. Overhook from Struve, Tybura responds with punches. Two minutes in. Struve still looking for wrist control and overhooks as Tybura chips away. Struve lands a hammerfist from the bottom. Good right hands from Tybura. Two minutes to go.

Ref elects to stand them up. Teep from Struve, combo from Tybura. One minute to go. Jab lands for Struve. Low kick from Tybura. Struve lands a couple of his own. Tybura hits a double-leg at the bell. 10-9 Tybura.

Round 2: Overhand right from Tybura. Struve popping out his jab. One minute in. Tybura shoots, takes him down on the fence. Short shots from Tybura in guard. Two minutes in. Struve goes for a triangle, gets chided for putting his toes in the fence. Tybura in side control, landing knees to the body. Good elbow. Two minutes to go.

Struve slips out and gets back to his feet. Struve suddenly lands a front kick that wobbles Tybura, who ties up. Big right hand by Struve and Tybura shoots in once again. One minute to go. Tybura locks his hands and slams Struve into side control. 10-9 Tybura.

Round 3: Struve sporting a straight-up hole between his chin and lips. Dang.

Struve fires another front kick, lands a body kick. Good right cross catches Tybura retreating. Overhand right by Tybura a minute in. Low kicks from both men. Tybura with a swatting right and oblique kick. Two minutes in. Low kicks from both once again. Uppercut catches Tybura leaning in. Tybura shoots, stuffed. He drives in once again and completes an outside reap into half guard. Two minutes to go.

Tybura staying heavy, looking for short blows. One minute to go. Hammerfists from Tybura. Some elbows as well. 10-9 Tybura.

Final result: Tybura def. Struve by unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Danny Roberts vs. David Zawada

Round 1: Zawada pressuring, both men trading punches and kicks. Zawada goes for a trip, avoids a guillotine. Roberts eats a knee as he looks for a takedown. They separate. Right hand from Zawada. 2-3, left hook afterwards. Two minutes in. Zawada tries a flying knee, eats punches. Low kick and straight right by Zawada, who goes for a sacrifice throw. Roberts lands on top in half guard. Zawada looks for a leg, eats punches. Back to guard with two minutes to go.

Zawada tries to set up a triangle, surrenders side control. Elbows from Roberts. One minute to go. Lockdown half guard. Good elbows from Roberts. Zawada spins for an armbar at the bell. 10-9 Roberts.

Round 2: Good knee and right hand from Zawada. They trade blocked kicks. Long left from Zawada, storming after Roberts.They trade punches on the fence until Zawada takes him down. Roberts works his way up, eats a knee, hits a lovely sacrifice throw into side control. Robert rolls to his knees, avoids a back take, hits an outside trip. Zawada threatens a guillotine, but winds up on the bottom in guard. Elbows from Roberts. Zawada spins for a leg, can’t get it. Two minutes to go.

Zawada hits a sweep into half guard. Zawada gives him a bit of space and falls back for a guillotine. Roberts avoids it and once again takes top position. One minute to go. Zawada gets to his feet and looks to take the back when Roberts shoots. 10-9 Zawada.

Round 3: Straight left lands for Roberts. Straight right by Zawada, who eats a leg kick as he throws a body kick. Counter right from Zawada, uppercut in the clinch. Roberts shoots, stuffed. One minute in. He locks up a d’arce and Roberts tries to roll, surviving but winding up on the bottom. He gets to his knees and Zawada goes for another d’arce. Roberts survives and pushes through, snuffs out a leglock two minutes in. Zawada goes for the back, denied by a whizzer. Roberts comes out on top in the scramble, landing on top in guard with two minutes to go.

Left hands from “Hot Chocolate.” He pins an arm and slams home more punches. He tries to set up an arm triangle, no dice. Roberts goes for a rear crucifix when Zawada scrambles, but can’t get it. Roberts makes it to the feet and eats knees and punches, after which Zawada shoots. Roberts stuffs it and lands punches. 10-9 Roberts.

Final result: Roberts def. Zawada by split decision

155 lbs.: Marc Diakiese vs. Nasrat Haqparast

Round 1: Low kick from Haqparast to start. One minute in. Kicks from Diakiese. Diakiese tries a right hand and head kick. Elbow just misses. Nice body shot. Two minutes in. Haqparast looks for the overhand left. 1-2 from Diakiese. Haqparast opens up with left hands on the fence. Two minutes to go.

Body shot from Diakiese but Haqparast tags him with some winging shots, landing knees to the body when Diakiese ties up. Haqparast stuffs a takedown and lands an uppercut. Haqparast continues to dig away in the clinch, catches Diakiese leaning with a minute to go. More heavy uppercuts. He’s grabbing the single collar tie whenever he can and blasting Diakiese with left hands. Big hook from Diakiese knocks him back, though. 10-9 Haqparast.

Round 2: Diakiese looking for head kicks. Body punches land for him. Haqparast takes a finger in the eye. Heavy lefts by Haqparast as they exchange. Body shot form Diakiese, eats a jab in return. Another body shot and leg kick by Diakiese. One minute in. 1-2-3. Low kick by Haqparast. Diakiese slips some hooks. Two minutes in. Hard combo from Haqparast. Diakiese looking for straight rights. Another combo by Haqparast. Lead left. Two minutes to go.

Haqparast to the body. Another left hand after blocking a 1-2. Superman punch. One minute to go.Diakiese with another body shot, answered by a straight left. Four-piece combo by Haqparast. More hard lefts. Straight left again and Diakiese stumbles back. Haqparast follows him and clips him with some follow-up shots, opening up in guard. Diakiese barely survives. 10-9 Haqparast.

Round 3: Haqparast continues to march forward and hurl left hands. Just storming after Diakiese at times. Diakiese changes levels and gets hip tossed for it. Back to the center. Left hook by Diakiese a minute in. Diakiese shoots into an uppercut and falls to his back, eating shots. Diakiese survives and returns to his feet. Another big left by Haqparast. Another. Two minutes in. 1-2 connects. Diakiese tries a head kick, eats another uppercut. Straight left. Diakiese shoots, stuffed. Haqparast digs in some uppercuts inside. Leg kick trips Diakiese up, he comes back with a body kick. Two minutes to go.

Another straight left by Haqparast. Low kick lands. Short left hook. Diakiese’s face is a mess. One minute to go. Yet another straight left. Snap kick from Diakiese. Haqparast stuffs another shot. 10-9 Haqparast.

Final result: Haqparast def. Diakiese by unanimous decision

155 lbs.: Damir Hadzovic vs. Nick Hein

Round 1: Hadzovic sending out jabs. Hadzovic low kick met by an overhand right and 1-2. One minute in. Leg kick from Hadzovic. Hein looking to counter. Hard overhand right by Hein two minutes in. 2-1 from Hadzovic. Two minutes to go.

Good jab by Hadzovic. Again. Check hook by Hein. One minute to go. Jab, right straight form Hadzovic, cross counter comes back. 10-9 Hadzovic.

Round 2: More jabs from Hadzovic. Hein looks to flurry, continues eating jabs and a right hand behind them. One minute in. Left hook lands for Hein and he presses forward. Hadzovic lands a left kick and left hook. Low-high goes Hein. Two minutes in. Hadzovic’s jabs continue to pile up. Body kick lands. Hein slings an overhand right. Jabs from Hein now, low kick by Hadzovic. Two minutes to go.

Hein with a solid combination. Right cross by Hadzovic, left hook from Hein. Another stiff jab. Hein goes low-high. Right hand by Hadzovic. Cross counter by Hadzovic, blocks the counters. Hein tries a triple hook. 10-9 Hadzovic.

Round 3: Hein knocks Hadzovic off-balance early. Hadzovic still landing his jab, lands a huge crescent kick and right cross that Hein absorbs. One minute in. Left hook from Hadzovic. Left hook by Hein. More jabs by Hadzovic. Straight left. Two minutes in. Hein lands an overhand right. Hein tries to step in and Hadzovic drops him with a right cross. Hard punches from Hadzovic, but Hein survives for now. Hadzovic opening up with two minutes to go.

Left hook from Hein. Leg kick. Another right cross by Hadzovic. One minute to go. Counter 1-2. 3-2 from Hadzovic, Hein tries to fire back. They trade in the center. 10-9 Hadzovic.

Final result:

170 lbs.: Bartosz Fabinski vs. Emil Meek

Round 1: Meek opens with a flying knee and immediately gets taken down for it. Fabinski moves to half guard. One minute in. Back to full guard. Meek gets to a knee, dragged back down. Meek looking for awkward elbows. Two minutes in. Meek returns to his feet, taken back down via high crotch. Two minutes to go.

Meek just can’t dislodge Fabinski. He looks for the switch, then a kimura. One minute to go. Elbows from Meek, dragged onto his back. 10-9 Fabinski.

Round 2: Left hook from Meek, but Fabinski gets ahold of Meek’s leg and slams him down. Short strikes from the Pole. One minute in. Meek makes it back to his feet and starts to pursue. Two minutes in. Solid punches from Meek. Fabinski changes levels and takes Meek down once again. Fabinski staying heavy. Two minutes to go.

Fabinski landing punches as Meek works to stand. One minute to go. Meek makes it to his feet and grabs a guillotine, only to get slammed into side control. He takes mount at the bell. 10-9 Fabinski.

Round 3: Meek comes out throwing, eats a left hook. Fabinski looks to grab a leg, can’t do it. Double-leg this time. Meek gets double underhooks and reverses. One minute in. They separate. Overhand right by Meek. Right hand and left hook have Fabinski retreating. Meek opening up on the fence. Fabinski shoots two minutes in. Meek locks up a power guillotine, loses it. Ref separates them. Fabinski lands a left hook and shoots right away. Meek grabs a kimura, loses it. Two minutes to go.

Fabinski on top in half guard. One minute to go. Meek gets an underhook, can’t use it. Fabinski briefly threatens an arm-triangle. Meek still can’t get him off. 10-9 Meek.

Final result: Fabinski def. Meek by unanimous decision

145 lbs.: Nad Narimani vs Khalid Taha

Round 1: Low kick exchange to start. Good trade and Narimani takes him to the fence. One minute in. Solid knee from Taha, but Narimani drags him down and looks for the back. One hook in. Taha trying to work his way up two minutes in. He’s back to his feet. Good elbow form Taha after reversing position. They separate and Narimani takes a finger in the eye on the break. They resume with two minutes to go.

They trade low kicks. Taha low kick met by a right hand. 1-2 from Taha, sharp left hook. Well-timed takedown from Narimani puts him on top in half guard. One minute to go. Short elbows from Narimani. 10-9 Narimani, barely.

Round 2: They meet in the center and trade good punches. Both landing well. Low kick from Taha and Narimani uses it to take him down into half guard. Elbow and punches from Narimani. Elbow from Taha knocks out Narimani’s mouthpiece, but Narimani stays busy with punches. Solid control from Narimani. Two minutes to go.

Taha looks for deep half guard for a moment and is dissuaded with elbows. Taha explodes to his feet, stuffs a shot, eats a onee. One minute to go. Taha stuffs another shot and jumps in with a knee, only to get tied up. Knee from Narimani. 10-9 Narimani.

Round 3: Counter right from Taha, uppercut from Narimani. Hard right hand buzzes Narimani, who catches a kick for another takedown and postures out of what looks like a triangle attempt. One minute in. Narimani staying heavy, landing short blows. Taka looks to stand and Narimani puts in a hook. Punches from Narimani as Taha gets to his feet. Narimani drags him back down and gets the second hook in. Two minutes to go.

Taha working his way back to his feet, gets to all fours and tries to shake Narimani off. He dislodges one hook and ultimately winds up on top. Narimani uses an underhook to scramble up and change levels. Taha reverses position and lands shots, only for Narimani to shoot in and once again look for the back. Narimani slips off and Taha goes for a couple of hail may guillotines. 10-9 Narimani.

Final result: Narimani def. Taha by unanimous decision

205 lbs.: Justin Ledet vs. Aleksandar Rakic

Round 1: Low kicks from Rakic to start. Another low kick and a hard right hand behind it. Ladet is already feeling those inside low kicks. He shoots, stuffed, taken down in return. One minute in. Head pressure from Rakic, short left hands. Half guard. Ledet looking for butterfly guard. More good shots from Rakic as Ledet struggles to stand. Two minutes to go.

Short punches from Rakic. He opens up with some heavier shots, prevents Ledet from kicking him away. One minute to go. Rakic postures up and drops some heavy blows in the waning seconds. 10-9 Rakic.

Round 2: Both men landing heavy punches in the early going. Rakic seemingly getting the better of it. One minute in. Ledet starting to check the low kicks, eats a hard combination. Left hook from Rakic and a leg kick puts Ledet on his back. Two minutes in. Staying busy with punches and hammerfists. Two minutes to go.

Ledet tries to make space and nearly gives up his back. Rakic continuing to pile on the damage. Ledet turns for a leglock, can’t get it or stand. Rakic just keeps on going with a minute to work. More blows piling up. 10-8 Rakic.

Round 3: Ledet lands a series of jabs, stuffs a shot from Rakic but gets leveled by a right hand on the break. Rakic hits an inside trip and he’s back in guard. One minute in. Rakic continues to chip away with punches. Two minutes in. More shots piling up. Ledet tries to get to his knees, cannot do so. Two minutes to go.

Ledet just can’t get Rakic off of him. He gets to his knees, gets slamming back down. They trade bombs on the fence to end the fight. 10-9 Rakic.

Final result: Rakic def. Ledet by unanimous decision

135 lbs.: Davey Grant vs. Manny Bermudez

Round 1: They get right to exchanging until Bermudez drops Grant with a straight right. Bermudez follows him down and takes mount, immediately working on a triangle that ultimately puts Grant to sleep.

Final result: Bermudez def. Grant by technical submission (triangle choke)

205 lbs.: Jeremy Kimball vs. Darko Stosic

Round 1: Trading low kicks early. One minute in. They continue to pick away at the lead legs. Kimball looks for a head kick. Two minutes in. Counter right lands for Stosic. Kimball shoots, Stosic counters and lands on top in guard. A hard elbow forces Kimball to cover up and Stosic pounds away for the finish.

Final result: Stosic def. Kimball by TKO (elbows and punches)

135 lbs.: Pingyuan Liu vs. Damian Stasiak

Round 1: Low kicks from Stasiak, Liu catches it and lands an elbow. Jockeying for position on the fence. Another short elbow by Liu. They separate. Liu counters a low kick with a straight right, doesn’t follow Stasiak down. One minute in. Spinning back kick from Stasiak. Both look for punches in the center. Reactive takedown attempt by Stasiak. Two minutes in. He runs the pips and lands in guard. Liu grabs a kimura, nothing there. Butterfly guard. Two minutes to go.

Closed guard now. Stasiak tries to passoff an armbar attempt, caught in guard. Liu goes for another armbar and uses the space to scoot to the fence. Liu tries another kimura with a minute to go and scrambles to his feet, where Stasiak hops guard for a guillotine. It doesn’t look deep and Liu is just pressing him against the fence to lower the strain. 10-9 Stasiak.

Round 2: Liu throwing heat early. Stasiak tries to tie up unsuccessfully. Low kick by Stasiak met by a right hand. Liu suddenly lands a spinning back fist that rocks Stasiak. Stasiak shoots, can’t keep him down. Again he drives in on the fence. He gets Liu to his butt two minutes in. Liu scrambles up, landing short shots, then falls back for a guillotine. Stasiak rolls free and they return to the feet. Spinning back kick from Stasiak. He shoots, sprawled on. Two minutes to go.

Liu goes for another guillotine, can’t keep hold of Stasiak’s head. Stasiak on top in guard. He’s looking for the back with a minute to go. He’s too low and a scramble ensues. Liu tries an omoplata as they roll. Back on top is Stasiak, landing a right hand. A couple more good shots before the bell. 10-9 Liu.

Round 3: Liu looks for another spinning back fist and gets taken down for it. Liu manages to sweep and land some heavy elbows from guard. He allows Stasiak up. Stasiak changes levels for another single-leg attempt. Good defense from Liu. Two minutes in. Good elbow on the break. Combo from Stasiak. Low kick exchange. Two minutes to go.

2-3 from Liu. Liu tries to spin again, eats an uppercut. Overhand right by Liu. Liu fires a body kick and avoids a takedown attempt. One minute to go. Low kick by Liu. He stuffs a takedown and avoids a spinning back fist. They jockey for position on the fence, then end the fight trading punches. 10-9 Liu.

Final result: Liu def. Stasiak by unanimous decision

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