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Pic: New Aquaman poster will remind you of PRIDE 29 because ... SHARKS

Back when PRIDE Fighting Championship was still in business, it was known for producing some of the most epic event posters in all of mixed martial arts (MMA). As opposed to Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which seems content to just square off two fighters and overwrite them with giant block letters, PRIDE relied on symbolism to get the message across.

Sure, some of it was a little weird (sample), but it was certainly memorable.

That’s why this new poster for the upcoming Aquaman movie, starring that hunky dude from Game of Thrones, reminded me of the PRIDE 29 poster from early 2005, which featured Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic nailing American “Hammer” Mark Coleman.

Take a look:

Warner Bros.

I’m not sure what the new Aquaman movie is about, but I thought the character was kinda fun in the not-as-bad-as-advertised Justice League movie. Still, it’s hard for me to not think of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy when we talk about underwater fish friends.

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