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Brock Lesnar is returning to UFC — where Mark Hunt’s attorneys are waiting to pounce

He remembered Dre but forgot about Denning.

UFC 200 - Weigh-in Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight contender and longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) veteran, Mark Hunt, is suing former division champion Brock Lesnar — as well as UFC and promotion president Dana White — for the controversial events that unfolded at UFC 200.

Since I’m not an attorney and can barely walk on my hind legs, bear with me as I use the plainest of language to explain why.

UFC wanted Lesnar to make his return at UFC 200 in summer 2016, because the part-time pro wrestler is one of the biggest draws in all of mixed martial arts (MMA). Unfortunately the promotion, by that point, had already committed to a stringent drug testing program under United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

That meant Lesnar needed six months of clean drug testing before getting cleared to return and that deadline had long since passed. But USADA magically came up with a valid reason to grant him an exception to the rule, which it did, and Lesnar was promptly ruled eligible to fight Mark Hunt in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Then Lesnar failed his pre-fight drug test 11 days before the event. Yet the results were (conveniently) withheld until after the show, which allowed UFC to make a boatload of money off Lesnar’s name, even if it put Hunt at greater risk inside the cage

Sound familiar? It should. Just ask Vitor Belfort.

So now a judge has to decide if UFC purposely dragged its feet on the drug-test results in order to save the UFC 200 pay-per-view (PPV), already in tatters after Jon Jones pissed dirty and got sent to the sidelines.

“We debated whether or not to, while the motion to dismiss is pending, to alter the complaint again, to keep adding more facts regarding the way that the organization works and perhaps the unfairness of it,” Hunt’s attorney, Christina Denning, told MMA Fighting. “So, that’s something that we have not done yet, but we definitely [might] with all the buzz around [Lesnar] coming back.”

Lesnar is expected to return to money-grubbing UFC in early 2019 when he’ll receive an immediate title shot against reigning heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier. A pretty sweet reward for a fighter coming off a drug test suspension, as well as a no contest, and Denning argues that it actually pays to take performance-enhancing drugs because the rewards far outweigh the punishments.

On the bright side, at least his “Sin City” return saves them a trip to Canada.

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