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Highlights! Watch Sage Northcutt survive a big knockdown to KO Zak Ottow

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It wasn’t easy, but Sage Northcutt walked out of UFC Boise with his first win at welterweight.

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Sage Northcutt got his first win at welterweight, but it wasn’t without difficulty.

The 22 year old UFC star took a hard shot that had his eyes rolling back into his head just moments into his fight against Zak Ottow, but managed to regain his composure as the two wrestled on the ground. He was lucky that Ottow didn’t separate and force the fight back up to the feet, but it was skill that helped him turn the round in his favor, nearly catching Ottow in a choke later in the first.

The second round saw Sage catch Ottow with a sharp jab that dropped him to the canvas. Ottow tried to get back to his feet only to be dumped by Northcutt, who followed up with hammerfists that forced the referee to stop things. The official end of the fight came at 3:13 of the second round.

Watch the finish here:

The win is Northcutt’s third in a row and moves him to 6-2 in the UFC, 11-2 MMA. While we still have some big questions regarding Sage’s chin after that rough start, you can’t deny his heart in coming back for the win.