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UFC Fight Night 133 results: Junior Dos Santos out-fences Blagoy Ivanov to unanimous decision win

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UFC Fight Night Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Former heavyweight champion Junior Dos Santos faced UFC debuter... debutee... debutante? Blagoy Ivanov tonight (Saturday, July 14, 2018) from inside the CenturyLink Arena in Boise, Idaho, live and free on Fox Sports 1.

Dos Santos stalked Ivanov, who was standing southpaw, to the cage. He swung his right, Ivanov slipped and threw back a left that missed. JDS threw a right to the body, head faked, threw an overhand that just missed. Ivanov landed a right hook that opened a cut on Junio’s eyebrow. Invanov ate a body kick, then blocked a head kick from Dos Santos. Junior was warned for backing up with his fingers pointed at Ivanov’s eye. He worked Ivanov back to the cage with careful pressure. They fenced, Dos Santos throwing his jab at the body and head. Invanov drove forward with a combination that fell short. JDS jabbed and threw a straight at the body.

Dos Santos attempted a wheel kick early in the second round that Ivanov blocked. He kept up his jab to the body of Ivanov, then made Ivanov blink with a jab upstairs. He landed a one-two for the first time that sent Ivanov a step or two backwards. The upstairs and downstairs effect seemed to be working. Ivanov came off the cage, looking for his own combinations, but couldn’t find his range. Dos Santos landed another right straight, then another body jab. JDS landed a front kick to the body. He was turning his whole head to make sure he didn’t run straight back into the cage as he circled, clearly a thing he had been consciously working on. He ducked a lead hook and blocked a left from Ivanov as the Bulgarian drove forward. Ivanov landed a jab. Dos Santos landed another front kick to the body, then a hard combination that stopped the boos from the crowd.

Ivanov feinted forward to start the third, threw two overhands that connected. He jabbed and threw his left again as JDS ducked under. JDS led with his left hook and connected. Ivanov landed his own right lead hook. JDS jabbed, then made Ivanov blink with a right straight. When JDS got aggressive Ivanov landed two big hooks that backed him off. JDS jabbed, landed a lead hook, ate a left in return. He landed another front kick to the body, circled, jabbed. Ivanov snapped Dos Santos’ head back with a counter left! JDS circled, ate another big left. Ivanov complained, got another warning given to JDS over his fingers extended. Junior loaded, threw his big right hand, blocked. Ivanov pushed forward, landing a straight to the chest. JDS attempted another wheel kick, which was blocked easily. Ivanov landed a right hand again to close out the third.

Dos Santos jabbed to open the fourth, Ivanov returned fire. Junior landed his wide right as Ivanov ducked. Herb Dean stopped the fight to cut loose tape off Junior’s glove. Junior landed a heavy body kick. He jabbed to the body, turned away from an attempted Ivanov left punch. Ivanov landed a slapping left overhand. Dos Santos sent Ivanov off balance with a left hook as Ivanov stepped in. Ivanov threw his double left power hand, and once again Junior turned and stepped away. Ivanov countered an uppercut with an overhand. Dos Santos landed a right hand counter as Ivanov stepped in with an overhand. Dos Santos stepped in, ate a right lead hook to land a right straight.

Dos Santos tried a superman punch, ate a counter from Ivanov. Ivanov pressured, threw a left hook, just missed. Junior circled, jabbed, faked, threw a heavy body kick. Junior was bleeding profusely now, and poked Ivanov in the eye as he kicked the body again. There was no point taken. They exchanged, both men landing. A punch wobbled Ivanov but he got aggressive in response, backing JDS away with heavy combination. Dos Santos popped his jab, landed a heavy body kick and ate a counter right hook as he did. Dos Santos was circling and jabbing as Ivanov looked to pressure. Ivanov landed a couple hooks out of the clinch. Dos Santos landed a couple right straights, attempted an axe kick and nearly got clocked in response. Junior landed a good right straight. Ivanov tried to walk him down, but couldn’t get a bead before the fight ended.

“Oh my gosh, man. Boise! I’m in love with you guys! Your scene is awesome!” said Junior Dos Santos when he got on the mic after his clean sweep was announced. He spoke directly to his firstborn son in Portuguese and then conveniently translated for the crowd, saying he told his son he loves him and did everything to win for him. He said he isn’t sure what is next but a rematch with Miocic “would be welcome”. That would be a solid trilogy bout to make for both men, positioning either in title contention.

Official result: Junior Dos Santos def. Blagoy Ivanov via unanimous decision (50-45x3)

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