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Highlights! Chad Mendes returns with a first round TKO at UFC Boise

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Watch Chad Mendes finish Myles Jury with ease in the first round after a two year break from fighting.

UFC 179 Weigh-in Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images

It didn’t take long for Chad Mendes to re-establish himself as a threat to the 145 pound division following a two year absence due to USADA suspension. Mendes was facing the extremely dangerous Myles Jury, but you wouldn’t think Jury was an 8-2 UFC fighter with the ease in which Mendes starched him.

The finish came at 2:52 of the first round following a feeling out process. Mendes shot in with a body shot feint and then uncorked a huge left hook that caught Jury on the jaw and dropped him. From there, Mendes trapped Jury against the cage and unloaded with ground and pound until the ref was forced to stop things.

Watch it here:

Afterwards, Mendes jokingly called out Brock Lesnar before asking for a top five opponent to re-solidify his place at featherweight. After a performance like that, it’s clear that Chad is still as dangerous an opponent as he was before his two year break.

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