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Bellator 203 ‘Pitbull vs Weichel 2' streaming play-by-play updates

Pitbull vs Weichel 2
Bellator MMA

Bellator 203 “Pitbull vs. Weichel 2” takes place TONIGHT (July 14, 2018) at Foro Italico in Rome, Italy, featuring a Featherweight title defense for two time champion Patricio “Pitbull” Freire (26-4) as Daniel Weichel (39-9) tries to dethrone him a second time.

In addition local MMA hero Alessio Sakara (19-12, 2 NC) will have a Light Heavyweight battle with Jamie Sloane (8-3, 1 NC) as Sakara looks to bounce back from a quick loss to Rafael Carvalho.

Bellator 203 “Pitbull vs. Weichel 2” will start at 8 p.m. ET on Paramount Network. will deliver results and play-by-play for the entirety of the Bellator MMA card.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 203) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it's always a lot of fun!

BELLATOR 203 “Pitbull vs. Weichel 2” QUICK RESULTS:

Patricio Freire vs. Daniel WeichelFreire SD 49-46, 47-48, 48-47.
Alessio Sakara vs. Jamie SloaneSakara TKO 1:19 R1.
Alen Amedovski vs. Will FleuryAmedovski KO 1:39 R1.
Andrey Koreshkov vs. Vaso BakocevicKoreshkov KO 1:06 R1.
Simone La Preziosa vs. Maxim RaduRadu TKO 4:15 R1.
Michele Martignoni vs. Simone D’AnnaMartignoni KO 0:06 R1.


Patricio Freire vs. Daniel Weichel

Weichel comes out first and appropriately for his nickname “Drake” he comes out to “Started From the Bottom.” He sports black trunks, blue gloves, and a career record of 39-9. The champion “Pitbull” Freire is 26-4 and wears the red gloves and black trunks for the main event. 5’5” vs. 5’10”. 144 lbs. each. 65” vs. 70” reach from Freire to Weichel. Weichel fights out of Frankfurt, Germany and Freire fights out of Natal, Brazil. Our referee for the main event is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Weichel circles left and right staying at range. Freire stays on his back foot and keeps his left hand high and his right hand cocked. For a full minute neither man lands a strike. Weichel finally throws a leg kick. A second to the left leg of Freire connects. Freire steps in for a flurry and steps back. Weichel inches Freire toward the fence. By 2:30 the Roman crowd is getting restless. Freire throws a single right. Another leg kick from Weichel. Freire is almost tripped to the ground off a leg kick. Weichel keeps looking for an angle to cut Freire off. The crowd has resorted to bullfighting chants and erupts with an “OLE” when any strike lands. Weichel misses with a front kick. Freire misses with a spin kick. 10-10 from my point of view but Weichel may have landed enough kicks for a 10-9.

Round 2: Weichel lands a kick but misses with the jab and hook. Freire lands an inside leg kick. Another leg kick for Weichel. High kick and right hand for Freire. A big right connects and Freire smells blood in the water and starts pouring it on. He has Weichel wobbled against the fence and Weichel pulls guard in an attempt to survive the mauling. Freire is on top in half guard. He just needs to pull the right leg through to take full mount and Weichel would be in big trouble. Weichel keeps him at bay with butterfly guard and finally Freire backs up and waits for the stand up at 3:07. Body shot by Weichel. Push kick for Weichel. Leg kick for Freire. Freire sweeps Weichel to the ground with a hard leg kick and is on top in full guard. Left hand to the body. Weichel ties him up. Freire passes to side right before the bell. 10-9 for “Pitbull” Freire.

Round 3: Weichel opens R3 with leg kicks. Freire punishes Weichel with kicks to the lead left leg. Weichel knocks him down with a right and now he’s on top in full guard. Weichel is looking to pass to side control and continuing to unload with right hands. He backs up and jumps back on top at 2:09. Both men are warned to get busy. Weichel with some right elbows to the forehead. Freire pushes him back to full guard.Freire sits up and Weichel tries to get the anaconda choke.. Freire lays down trying to get out of it and spins to push off the fence with his feet. Freire is back up at 4:37 and starts throwing punches in bunches. 10-9 Weichel. He MIGHT be up 2-to-1 if the judges gave him the first.

Round 4: This is the first time Weichel has seen the fourth round. Freire starts with a 1-2 combo and Weichel is feeling it. Weichel spins Freire around with a kick and he responds with a left hand to Weichel’s face. Weichel with a right kick to the body and a left jab. Big left hook for Freire. The right is getting through as well. Weichel with a kick to the lead leg of Freire. He lunges and misses with a right hand. Freire blasts him with a right. Both men start throwing bombs and Weichel gets hurt badly with two rights. He jumps on top and Weichel ties him up. Freire has full mount and just under a minute to work but he loses the position and ends up back in half. Freire calls for a stand up with a half minute to go. 10-9 Freire. It all comes down to the final round.

Round 5: Weichel with an outside leg kick, a right hand and a right head kick. Freire responds with a right hook to the face. Weichel comes forward with another kick. Freire circles his hands and backs up, letting Weichel come toward him so he can counter strikes. He moves left and right but he doesn’t move forward until he rocks Weichel with a punch. Weichel lunges and misses again, connects with a leg kick, but eats a big right hand. Weichel shoots for a takedown and has Freire against the fence with two minutes left. Weichel’s face is bloody from the accumulation of shots. Freire with another right hook at 4:18 that’s nasty. Weichel tries to answer in kind but Freire gets his hands up. He tries a flying knee but it didn’t land. 10 seconds. A final spin kick from Weichel misses. I give Freire this round 10-9 and the fight overall but the judges will decide.

Final result: Patricio “Pitbull” Freire retains by split decision from the judges of 49-46, 47-48 and 48-47.

Alessio Sakara vs. Jamie Sloane

Sloane is out first in the black trunks and blue gloves. Sloane’s career record since going pro in 2014 is 8-3, 1 NC with six wins by knockout. Local favorite Sakara sports the black trunks and red gloves with a career record of 19-12, 2 NC and 10 wins by knockout. Sakara holds just a one inch reach advantage at 72” to 71”. Sloane fights out of Bournemouth, England and Sakara out of Rome, Italy. Our referee in charge for this one is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: After a glove tap Sloane comes forward swinging, Sakara grabs a clinch, Sloane breaks free and charges forward again. Sloane throws an elbow over the top as they break. Sakara with a front kick an uppercut and a right hook. Sloane either stumbled or was tripped to the ground and Sakara dives on to pour on heavy left hands and elbows. Anderson has seen enough at 1:19.

Final result: Alessio Sakara wins via technical knockout at 1:19 of the first round.

Alen Amedovski vs. Will Fleury

Fleury comes out wearing the Irish flag over his shoulders, blue gloves, and white/red/black trunks. Amedovski has on the red gloves and mostly red trunks. Fleury is 4-0 and Amedovski is 5-0. Fleury has a 5” reach advantage at 76” and is also taller at 6’3” vs. 5’9”. Fleury weighs 185 lbs. and fights out of Dublin, Ireland. Amedovski weighs 185.6 lbs. and fights out of Trento, Italy. Our ref is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: Tap of gloves to start. Both men bounce on their feet and circle. Fleury throws the first kick and jab and then tries to drop levels, but Amedovski cracks him with a right hand. Fleury pushes him into the fence and gets a takedown at 39 seconds. Fleury works right hands to the head but Amedovski gets back up at 1:28 and cracks Fleury with MULTIPLE big shots starting with a cracking right hand. Fleury crashes hard to the canvas, Amedovski lands one right, and Miragliotta waves it off.

Final result: Alen Amedovski wins by knockout at 1:39 of the first round.

Andrey Koreshkov vs. Vaso Bakocevic

Bakocevic has the black/blue trunks with blue gloves and a record of 33-17-1. Koreshkov is the former Welterweight champion in the navy/white trunks and red gloves with a record of 20-2. Koreshkov owns an 8” reach advantage at 74”. Bakocevic fights out of Risan, Montenegro. Koreshkov fights out of Omsk, Russia. Our referee is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Koreshkov is quick to press his height and reach advantage and have Bakocevic backpedaling. An right spinning back kick to the body drops Bakocevic immediately and Anderson waves off the contest as Koreshkov is trying to follow up with right hands on the ground.

Final result: Andrey Koreshkov wins via knockout at 1:06 of the first round.

Simone La Preziosa vs. Maxim Radu

3-4 to 8-1, 28 to 27, 5’8” to 5’7”, 154 pounds each, 70” to 69” reach from Preziosa to Radu. Gray trunks and blue gloves for Radu, fighting out of Turin, Italy. Black trunks and red gloves for Preziosa, fighting out of Rome, Italy. Our referee is Dan Miragliotta.

Round 1: No glove tap. Radu takes the center and is coming forward aggressively from the start. Preziosa tries a leg kick and Radu takes him down immediately. Radu spins to North-South and goes for a guillotine. Preziosa stands up out of it but Radu takes him right back down and is in side control. He pounds on the head with his right hand as the two spin around on the mat. Radu pushes off the fence with his feet and continues to maul Preziosa. Radu tries to pass but Preziosa gets back up — and he’s taken right back down again at 3:29. Rights to the body and the head. Preziosa stands up and Preziosa goes down again. Hard left hand hammerfists and left hooks to the head as Miragliotta warns him to fight back. Preziosa does not and the fight is stopped.

Final result: Maxim Radu wins via technical knockout at 4:15 of the first round.

Michele Martignoni vs. Simone D’Anna

Round 1: This fight was not aired on Paramount Network.

Final result: Martignoni wins via head kick knockout just 0:06 into round one.

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