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WTF? Something is seriously wrong with Brock Lesnar’s teeth (Pic)

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I’ve been staring at this photo for a couple of days now, convinced someone online got creative with photoshop and inexplicably decided to make Brock Lesnar’s bottom teeth look like a row of cappuccinos served in little ivory shot glasses.

Then I went back to video captures of his WWE matches and nope, those are the real McCoy.

I’m not sure what the hell is going on with his grille, but this is the Internet, so of course I will post it and ask for your best guess. I have to imagine of the millions of people we have shooting in and out of here each month, someone has to be (or at least work for) a dentist.

No doubt Daniel Cormier will be targeting those little fig newtons when they collide in early 2019, as Lesnar managed to skip the line and lock down a “DC” fight after Stipe Miocic went down in flames at UFC 226.