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Brock Lesnar is ‘absolutely doping’ according to former UFC champ

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Esther Lin

Brock Lesnar, by his own words, is a “jacked white boy” and we just need to deal with it.

But not everyone is convinced the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight titleholder is operating on genetics alone. That includes ex-bantamweight kingpin Dominick Cruz, who insists Lesnar is using steroids.

I can’t imagine where he would get an idea like that.

“If he makes it to the fight I’d be shocked,” Cruz told the Scott & BR Show on 1090 AM in San Diego. “And I just mean that because USADA is the toughest anti-doping system there is on planet Earth, and that guy is absolutely doping. Period. No ifs, ands or buts about it. And he’s not been in mixed martial arts, so of course he’s been doing that stuff. How they’re going to get him to be clean on fight night is beyond me.”

I blame his creamy feet.

Lesnar (5-3, 1 NC) is expected to make his mixed martial arts (MMA) return in early 2019, following the mandatory six-month testing period required by United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). And don’t bet on another one of those free passes after he burned them at UFC 200.

Until then, heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier will have to consider other options, like this.