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Did Drake just namedrop UFC featherweight champ Max Holloway on his new ‘Scorpion’ album?

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A lyric in the song ‘8 Out Of 10’ from Drake’s new album ‘Scorpion’ sure sounds like it’s talking about ‘Blessed’

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor World Press Tour - Toronto Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Did R&B / hip hop superstar Drake namedrop UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway in his latest album, Scorpion?

Drake has made several appearances backstage at UFC events and even introduced Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather to the crowd during the Toronto stop of their world tour. But does his knowledge of cage fighting extend to “Blessed?”

Here’s the lyrics in question, from the song ‘8 Out Of 10’:

“Max said they only bless when they attached to you
The only deadbeats is whatever beats I been rappin’ to
And the product is still the best though
It’s only good in my city because I said so
Just to fit the estate man, I had to cop a feel like presto, voilà, tada
Never a matter of ‘could I?’ or ‘should I?’
Kiss my son on the forehead then kiss your ass goodbye
As luck would have it I’ve settled into my role as the good guy
I guess luck is on your side”

And Max’s response when asked about it: a shrug emoji.

Either way, the featherweight champ is into it, which is unsurprising considering he walked out to a Big Sean song featuring Drake for his fight against Jose Aldo at UFC 218.

The UFC was also quick to jump on it in a bid to promote Holloway’s title defense against the extremely dangerous Brian “T-City” Ortega at UFC 226 on July 7th.

Listen to the track yourself: