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Fighter pulls the ol’ fake heart attack move during bizarre MMA fight

Things got super weird during the Travis Fulton vs. Jonathan Ivey fight at Colosseum Combat 45.


Update: Ivey responds to “ridiculous” claims of “fake heart attack” HERE.

We’ve seen some strange fights in the lower leagues of mixed martial arts, but this one between Travis Fulton and Jonathan Ivey at Colosseum Combat 45 might take the cake. Both fighters are the embodiment of journeymen, with records of 253-54 and 32-56 respectively. With so many bouts under their considerable belts, you’d think fight number 396 would be a typical affair, but it certainly was not.

Things got weird when Ivey faked a heart attack and then sucker punched Fulton, knocking him to the canvas where Ivey opened up with what could have been fight ending ground and pound. But after about 30 seconds, Ivey inexplicably stepped back and decided to tap out, ending the fight (big thanks to Caposa for the footage). According to those at the event, Ivey is actually a huge Fulton fan and has a tattoo of Travis on his leg. He decided to tap out rather than knock out one of his heroes.

Just another night in the strange world of mixed martial arts.

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