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Jon Jones destroys ‘disgusting’ Colby Covington for recent drug remarks

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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones may have history with Colby Covington, but he isn’t cutting “Chaos” any slack for his recent antics.

Covington, who fights Rafael dos Anjos for the interim UFC welterweight title this weekend at UFC 225, uncoiled a verbal haymaker earlier this week when he said Jones has been “doing drug since college.” Remember, Jones has been sidelined since failing a drug test dating back to UFC 214.

Jones is not one to bite his tongue, especially when presented with information that he doesn’t believe is true. In response to Covington’s accusations, which also include “Bones” raging out on “Chaos” for not cleaning the dishes when the two lived together, Jones battered the welterweight contender in a recent Instagram post (shown above).

“You’re a special type of liar bro and honestly I feel sorry for you,” wrote Jones. “Actually think I feel more sorry for anyone in your life who believes a word that comes out of your mouth. The way lies can just roll off your tongue is honestly impressive. You’re disgusting.”

Jones also took to Twitter to ask fans to root against Covington in his upcoming title fight opposite dos Anjos this weekend at UFC 225 in Chicago, Illinois.

This isn’t the first time Covington has ruffled the feathers of the greatest light heavyweight of all time. Just last month, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan had to warn Colby Covington to watch his mouth when talking about a fighter like Jones, who could easily squash the welterweight if he wanted to.

Instead of listening to Rogan, Covington took offense, threatening to slap the UFC commentator next time he saw him (Covington would later apologize to Rogan).

While we’re never going to get a Jones vs. Covington matchup inside of the Octagon, at least fight fans can join “Bones” in rooting against the outspoken welterweight title challenger when he takes on RDA in Chicago.