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Midnight Mania! CM Punk didn’t attend UFC 225’s open workouts because of ‘severe anxiety’

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Phil “Chick Magnet Punk” Brooks is pretty honest about dealing with some pre-fight anxiety. Every fighter deals with fear to some degree; Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and Georges St. Pierre have been particularly honest about their struggles. However, Punk’s description seems like it might go beyond standard pre-fight nerves.

It’s a scheduling thing, and it’s an anxiety thing. I’ve got severe anxiety, and I- I’m comfortable in the gym obviously, and I don’t like people wa- like if I was training and someone walked in and started watching, I wouldn’t know and I’d be fine with it, it’s whatever. But, as weird as it sounds, I’ll be fine fighting, but just the training, I don’t know, I’m like a weirdo.

I know, wrestling in front of hundreds of thousands of people in my underwear... but it’s just different. I have anxiety. I barely go to Punk shows any more, you know, because like, being in a crowd of people I’m like ehh [hunches down]. This is starting to freak me out now that I’m thinking about it [points around him]

It is always a little surprising that someone used to wrestling in front of thousands, such as Punk, could deal with anxiety, but it’s more common that usually realized, and credit to Punk for opening up about it.

He faces Mike Jackson at UFC 225 this Saturday in the opening bout to the pay-per-view (PPV) main card.


Maybe Punk was really worried Mike Jackson would do this?

Punk reflects on winning his court battle today.

Good luck to Mike Jackson this weekend as he attempts to show there is a huge difference between a professional -- even a regional professional -- and CM Punk. I may root for Punk in his fight against anxiety, but I’m not rooting for him against Houston’s own this weekend.

Mickey Gall is picking ‘Chick Magnet’ Punk, though:

Sir Bobby Knuckles is ready for everything -- knee attacks, wrestling, a different approach from the “Soldier of God” -- except Yoel Romero’s kiss.

Eddie Alvarez is REALLY not happy with the weigh ins being changed back to their later time. He’s got plenty of fighter support on this- more fighters miss weight, but it gives the ones who do weigh in more time rehydrate. If only there were some kind of way fighters could have a say in these decisions that directly impact all of their health and safety, through some sort of collective bargaining...

The fighters would have this input if they had a union ... but wait a second, Eddie thinks standing up to his boss would be “weak.” He’s just lucky to be here.

Conor McGregor being so close to first, on an opportunity that will be hard to recreate, must irk him. Hopefully, it gets him back into the sport. More likely, though, it’s going to get him to try to set up a rematch with Floyd Mayweather.

Solid work tonight because 4th place doesn’t get a medal.

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Joe Rogan is done with crocodiles and after watching this, so am I.

Carlos Condit getting a workout in the Carlos Condit way!

Gregor Gillespie is still fishing. Caught him some muskie:

Um ya! @m_rivz19

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Lewis was right to turn off comments for this one, but I gotta say this was very stupid of the kid and very admirable of the cop not to taze him for that throw. He’ll probably pay for it later, though.

‍♂️ ‍♂️ ‍♂️ comment section not working

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Contrast that with this, which seems pretty unconscionable.

Who did it better: Violent Bob Ross or “Half-fro Samurai”?

I’m not sure who thought putting two tiny kids into a tire sparring session was a good idea but I did find it hilarious.

These are real tattoos worn by real people.

20k likes and I'll get Just Bleed tattooed on me

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