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Midnight Mania! Watch Nick Diaz eat mushrooms

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Welcome, to Midnight Mania!

Nick Diaz is putting his problems out of mind the old-fashioned way: ingesting shrooms.


Yep, Greg Hardy, the man too violent towards women to stay in the NFL, is getting open arms from UFC matchmakers on the Dana White Tuesday Night Contender Series.

Dana White said that Al’s insistence that he make more money to fight higher ranked guys is unreasonable, and is the reason the Justin Gaethje fight won’t be happening. Al disagrees and Justin Gaethje retweeted his response.

Dana White once gave a talk to the business community about keeping fighters financially dependent on the next fight so they couldn’t afford to turn any matchup down, or negotiate from strength.

Mitch Clarke has been killing it with the GIF replies

McGregor boxed once last year, lost badly, and still managed to come in fourth on the world’s highest paid athlete list. Remarkable.

Clay Guida has energizer bunny energy.

It’s crazy to me that Dominick Cruz and Daniel Cormier are the same height.

Shot, re-shot

Eddie Alvarez liked the early weigh ins and is mad to see them go.

Eddie doesn’t seem to take into account short notice fights.

I like Angela Hill’s idea.

So does Shane Burgos

John Danaher breaks down technique in extraordinary detail with these very long captions.

Auxiliary systems: Most of you know that I am a big proponent of a linked subsystems approach to jiu jitsu. Classical BJJ is a system based approach to combat. I build upon this through the use of subsystems - systems built around specific areas of the game that create tremendous expertise in that domain that can enable an athlete (often with less overall experience than his opponent) to trap his or her opponent within that system where they have a significant knowledge, skill and experience advantage due to specialization and can win from there. As these subsystems grew in complexity I divided them up further in various ways that aided students in learning and applying them. One of the more interesting types of division was that between MAIN systems and AUXILIARY systems. In the case of our BACK SYSTEM, the main system is built around a set of arm traps that allow an attacker to pin his opponent’s defensive arms to facilitate the use of the most high percentage back finish - the rear naked strangle (mata leão/hadaka-jime). There is no question this is our main method of attacking the back and the one that has garnered the most success in competition. However, in cases where we cannot get the breakthrough by this main route, there are four AUXILIARY systems that go in a totally different direction. Instead of facilitating the breakthrough of one submission in one area (rear strangle around neck) they employ a diverse array of submissions OVER THE WHOLE BODY. This play between the narrow focus of the main system and the diverse applications of the four auxiliary systems is a big part of what gives our overall back system its character. Here, Garry Tonon shows his skills with one of those four auxiliary systems- the rear triangle (ushiro sankaku) as he locks in an impressive looking strangle in training.

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Wanderlei Silva looks back on his third fight with Kazushi Sakuraba

Rory Macdonald has trademarked the Red King and designed a logo

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Guatemala is in trouble

This obituary went from 0 to 100 real quick

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