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Pic: ‘Jealous’ Matt Serra wants a Dana White urine sample after he shows off jacked physique

Dana White may be a busy man flying around the world “Lookin’ for a Fight,” attending UFC events and tending to his everyday duties as president of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), but the brash head honcho still finds time to hit the gym.

And he hits it pretty hard, as a recent Instagram post is proof that White is no pushover in the weight room.

By the way, what’s up with the other guy losing his shorts?

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight champion Matt Serra, for one, is jealous that his former boss, who is nearing 50 years of age, has a better physique than he does. And he took to the UFC Unfiltered podcast (via Sports Joe) to jokingly vent.

I’ve seen your Instagram. First of all, if you go and you look at the likes, I didn’t like it. I wanted to fucking unlike it because I’m jealous. You’ve got a lot of money, was that real, that picture? Did they take your body from the UFC game and put your fucking head on it? WHAT THE FUCK!”

After jokingly warning Serra he’ll have to take his shirt off — for whatever reason — on an upcoming “Lookin’ for a Fight” shoot, “The Terror” demanded Dana submit a urine sample.

Don’t say that to me. Don’t joke around. Are you fucking around though? Our shirts off in Memphis! We have the picture up in the studio, Jimmy doesn’t believe that’s real... Look at Dana. Dana, what the hell, man. I want a piss-test from you!

USADA on line one?

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