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Marlon Moraes: Jimmie Rivera’s coach almost got laid out by heavy-handed Ali Abdelaziz at UFC Utica

Shortly after Marlon Moraes knocked out Jimmie Rivera in 33 seconds in the main event of UFC Fight Night 131 last Friday night in Utica, New York (see it), a scuffle broke out backstage between the two camps.

Not much was known as to what started the confrontation, though there has been tension between the two camps for a while now. But according to Marlon, the backstage beef all began when his side was trying to call a truce.

And though “Magic” was quick to say neither Jimmie or his wife were at fault, he did point the blame on “El Terror’s” coach for trying to act like a tough guy for no apparent reason.

“My manager Ali, he’s trying to apologize and everything’s done. We fought already, that’s it’s the sport, peace. He was trying to shake Jimmie’s hand, Jimmie’s wife hand, it was all a big misunderstanding because Ali never said anything bad to his wife, he thought so. Even Jimmie understand,” explained Moraes on The MMA Hour. “So Ali is talking to them and his (Jimmie’s) coach comes in, his name is Tiger or...I don’t even know his name. He comes in and tries to be a tough man to Ali and maybe start a fight.”

After a few tense moments, a brawl was prevented thanks to cooler heads and UFC’s security team. But had things came to blows, Marlon says it wouldn't have went well for Rivera’s trainer, Daniel ”Tiger” Schulmann, a former karate champion.

“Man this guy is in his 50, Ali is in 40’s and Ali gives tough time to fighters. He could kill that guy and I am glad they didn’t fight. It got close. I’m glad Ali didn’t hit him, he’s got heavy hands and I know because he’s punched me before. He’s a fighter. We spar together. Everything got settled, they left and security come in. Thanks to God.”

According to Rivera, his issues were never with Marlon to begin with, but rather with Ali, which added to the backstage encounter. Still, Marlon says Rivera was actually trying to diffuse the situation and hold no ill will toward him or his family.

“Jimmie was trying to stop his coach, his coach was the mad man. His family was a little upset, too. I tried to say hello and they want to kill me a little bit, they tried to spit at me a little bit,” said Marlon. “But that’s okay, bro. UFC security is the best. After that, we went to the hotel and ate pizza and it’s all celebration. It’s done and I want to look forward to the next challenge.”

All’s well that ends well.

Now, Marlon will sit back to see how the rest of the division plays out and is content with waiting for his shot at the title. Whether or not he actually gets it is another story.

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