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Bec Rawlings ready to bare knuckle box again ... if her hands aren’t broken

The former UFC fighter came away with an impressive win and some very swollen hands at Bare Knuckle FC

MMA Fighting

Saturday night saw us take a step away from the relatively sterile world of mixed martial arts into the realm of bare knuckle boxing. Bare Knuckle FC went down from the Cheyenne Ice and Events Center in Wyoming, and it was every bit the bloody spectacle the promoters were hoping it would be (watch the highlights here).

One of the night’s highlights: a violent beating delivered by former UFC fighter Bec Rawlings unto Alma Garcia, which was stopped after the second round. That was a welcome change of pace for Rawlings, who left the UFC on a four fight losing skid.

”All my hard work’s payed off and it just feels good to win and go out there and really showcase what I can do,” Rawlings told MMA Fighting after her win. “I felt like I was the best me that I could show tonight and I did it. Sometimes you just go out there and you’re just not on, but tonight I was on.”

Rawlings took good advantage of a rule allowing her to collar her opponent with one hand, beating her up in the clinch.

”To get hit by her bare knuckles felt the same as MMA gloves,” Rawlings explained. “For me to hit her, I did feel my hands a little bit, I’m like like oh that felt different, that’s weird. And my hands are a little bit swollen which they’re not normally after MMA.”

”I don’t think they’re broken. We’ll have to get them checked. I’m a wierdo. I broke my hip and I trained for two weeks on a broken hip so you shouldn’t ask me if they’re broken. They don’t feel that bad. Maybe.”

It’s safe to assume we’ll be seeing Bec Rawlings in the ring again for future Bare Knuckle FC.

”This is just the beginning,” she said. “That was such an amazing event and obviously the outcome was perfect for me so yeah, I’d do it again. Hell yeah!”

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