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Jessica Aguilar: ‘My lips were too chapped to fight’ at UFC Uticah

UFC Uticah lost a great women’s strawweight bout for a pretty unusual sounding reason.

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Things got a bit weird leading up to UFC: ‘Uticah,’ as they tend to when the New York State Athletic Commission is in charge. In the hours leading up to the event at the Adirondack Bank Center, a planned women’s strawweight match between Jessica Aguilar and Jodie Esquibel was cancelled for medical reasons.

Those reasons? Chapped lips.

Aguilar took to social media shortly after the announcement to give more details on what the hell that means.

”This is the second fight that I’ve trained for and it’s not happening, so that’s a bummer,” Aguilar said in her video. “I had all my medicals, everything was good. The commission said I had something on my lip. My lips are chapped from cutting 15 pounds, but I even went to the dermatologist and got cleared and today they decided that my lips are still chapped and I can’t fight. So I’m sorry the fight’s not happening.”

This unique overabundance of caution continues a trend in New York of strange circumstances tearing art fights last minute. Who can forget the recent UFC 223, where featherweight champion Max Holloway was pulled from a lightweight title fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov after the NYSAC ruled him medically unfit to fight? And then there was the time they very publicly hum-hawed over letting Pearl Gonzales compete with breast implants.

We’re not exactly sure what the NYSAC’s reasoning was, but of course it’s worth noting we’re only hearing Aguilar’s side of the story here. Maybe there’s a legit reason that we’ll never know because the NYSAC is too classy (and HIPAA bound) to comment on a health issue preventing a fight. But we’ll just file this one away as yet another eyebrow raiser when it comes to the New York commission still getting the hang of this regulating MMA thing.

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