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Video: Flying MMA kick takes out armed homeless man in Los Angeles

I’m not sure which was more impressive, the actual flying kick or his ability to stick the landing. Either way, this Good Samaritan was able to stop a crazed homeless man who went on a Los Angeles rampage with a piece of wood that had nails protruding from it.

Unfortunately for a nearby dog walker, Epic Kick Man was not there soon enough to stop the initial attack, which left him hospitalized after getting nailed in the face (literally).

That’s when other witnesses sprung into action, including Citizen of Justice, Corey Smith.

“I told him you know you’re going to jail, this is a citizen’s arrest, don’t move, the cops are coming,” Smith said in an interview with FOX 11. “He turned around and said f--k you, get out of the way and turned to take off and one of the gentlemen I was with tackled him.”

Just another day in the “City of Angels.”

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