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Practical magic! Yoel Romero shuts down Robert Whittaker’s ‘superhuman’ squawking in one simple tweet

Hey, remember last week when Robert Whittaker was all like, “Blah blah blah Yoel Romero was all sorts of shady at UFC 225 blah blah blah” and the zombie fanboys responded in kind like “OMFG that Cuban is dirty AF!”

Well, I've got some bad news for y’all.

Turns out “Soldier of God” was able to drop and give USADA 20 ... vials of urine to prove he was, in fact, operating purely on genetics and willpower, which carried him to the fifth round of their middleweight title fight earlier this month in “The Windy City.”

Pretty impressive considering it happened just 24 hours after this.

Whether or not the judges got it right when all was said and done; well, look at this and decide for yourself.

Unfortunately for Romero, who raised some eyebrows in 2016 because of this, his UFC 225 loss puts him down 0-2 to Whittaker. The Olympian would need a huge rebound win — coupled with an aligning of the stars — to secure a third “Reaper” fight.

Stranger things have happened, especially in the 185-pound division.

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