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Pic: Vitor Belfort is suddenly jacked and there is absolutely no reason to be suspicious

It’s called the Belfort Fitness Lifestyle.

USADA will drug test you. AARP will not.

That’s one of the benefits of retirement, getting to do whatever the f—k you want. As for Vitor Belfort, he appears to be using his time away from mixed martial arts (MMA) to lift weights and make fun of fighters who eat Nutella.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) headliner called it a career in the wake of his knockout loss to Lyoto Machida at UFC 224 back in May. The Brazilian trailblazer, who made his Octagon debut way back in 1997, had not won consecutive fights since the “spectacular” days of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), which has since been banned by stateside athletic commissions.

Belfort finished his career with a 26-14 (1 NC) record and also made a name for himself in PRIDE FC, where he earned his first disciplinary suspension after testing positive for steroids. “The Phenom” would later come under fire for another failed drug test in late 2015.

But hey, he’s retired now, so that’s urine under the bridge.

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