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Midnight Mania! Gastelum ‘dumbfounded’ by Dana White’s comments about his ‘personal issues’

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MMA: UFC 224- Ronaldo vs Gastelum Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Kelvin Gastelum was taken aback by Dana White’s comments after UFC 225. UFC’s president said after the bout that Gastelum had some “personal issues” he needed to “get together and handle ... quick.” Gastelum was unsure what issues Dana was referring to, but he indicated that the ire may be related to not stepping in to save the event after UFC had refused to pay him to be ready as a late notice replacement.

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“I was dumbfounded. Because I don’t know where those comments are coming from. I just figured he was upset over me not taking the fight 1.5 days before. My manager was negotiating money to get from that. I wasn’t gonna be doing it for free. That fell through. So they told me that’s not happening.”

Gastelum said his manager had been in negotiations with UFC to be available as a late notice replacement, but evidently the UFC was unwilling to pay Gastelum, so the negotiations fell through, and Kelvin went to Cancun instead. When Romero’s weight troubles emerged 1.5 days before the bout, Gastelum was more than 200 pounds and in no condition to make the 185-pound limit in that time-frame.

“I looked down at my belly and I’m like, ‘No, I don’t think I can do this in a day and a half,’” Gastelum said with a laugh.… “In a day and a half’s notice while I’ve been out drinking and eating, I probably would have been in the hospital if I would have tried that.”

Gastelum has had numerous weight cutting troubles before, which is the reason he is now fighting at Middleweight instead of Welterweight. Riding a two-fight win streak over Michael Bisping and Jacare Souza, Gastelum feels he is next in line for the 185-pound title and has no issues with a title fight in November, though it’s unclear how soon Robert Whittaker will be back after breaking his hand. Either way, Gastelum is happy Whittaker won, though he thought the decision would go Romero’s way.

“I thought Romero would have been getting the nod, but obviously he didn’t. And selfishly I thought, I was hoping they’d give it to Whittaker. Just because Romero had missed weight, he wouldn’t have been getting the belt and then it just would have created this whole scenario where I’m definitely not getting the next shot. It just wouldn’t be a position where I would be fighting for a title any time soon.”

But first, he probably needs to sort out his relationship with UFC’s boss.

“I would love to sit down and see what those comments are about. I just haven’t reached out to him about it. Eventually, I want to sit down with him and talk to him and meet with him and see what the future holds.”


Sage Northcutt catching air:

Having fun filming for @labradanutrition after training

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Two Muay Thai greats, sparring:

Michelle Waterson getting mauled by a police dog ... safely, of course.

This is what people’s conception of martial arts looked like before mixed martial arts (MMA):

This took a turn !

His aim is incredible! ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Sponsored by @jitzsoap

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Old school boxing:

Former UFC Lightweight and current FOX commentator Yves Edwards has a gimmick where he poses totally still ... in this case with famous people made out of wax.

I’ve been in a few movies.

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“That’s why I love working with you Steven, you get it.”

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Guess which one is Cody Garbrandt’s wife. I had to check where she was tagged.

Happy Birthday Girls! Kai and I are thankful for you both ❤️ #Family

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Paul Felder hitting pads:

Matt Brown working his head movement ...

Working on my head movement. No counters today though. #dadlife

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Mike Bisping’s brash young photos make it easy to see why he was widely disliked.

UFC Lightweight Drakkar Klose doing hand-eye conditioning drills:

Rousey doing theater fighting in WWE ...

Everybody was kung fu fighting!

This kid is very good at the one throw he knows:

Jon Jones on social media — before he went off on Daniel Cormier today. He’s still a hero to some.

Puppies are sometimes morning people, as Megan Anderson is finding:

Nick Diaz with the sneaky bodyshot on Ralek Gracie:

Al Iaquinta makes fun of Kevin Lee’s callout of Georges St-Pierre:

When the choreographers know grappling, but are still white belts:

Doesn’t sound as fun as chewing gum, but anything to improve your chin is worth it for Bellator’s Joe Schilling.

Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Congratulations to my old training partner Cameron Graves for winning his LFA debut with this stunning head kick knockout. Cameron has always been talented, but it’s surreal to see someone from your small gym sending dudes face first to the canvas like they are pole-axed. Keep an eye on him moving forward.

This is a slick side kick!

That was quick:

Back and forth!

I’ve never seen that one before ...

Remind me never to compete in judo -- the referees do not care whether you go unconscious at all.

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Jason Bourne would approve:

I watched this over and over:


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