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‘Paranoid’ Rose Namajunas still haunted by Conor McGregor’s bus attack, but therapy is helping


The stink from Conor McGregor’s now-infamous bus attack during UFC 223’s media day a few months ago is slowly starting to fade away (see it again here). For some people, however, it’s going to take a bit longer to get over “Notorious’s” Brooklyn rampage, which left many injured and forced several fight cancellations.

Among them is current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) women’s Strawweight champion Rose Namajunas, who was caught right in the middle of the madness since she was on the bus that saw a dolly go through its window courtesy of Conor.

While she escaped injury prior to her title defense against Joanna Jedrzejczyk, she was shaken after the incident, as UFC president Dana White did his part to try and calm the champion down before one of the biggest fights of her career. And to this day, “Thug Rose” says she is still not over the aftershock, revealing on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show that she is still paranoid two and a half months removed from the melee.

“No, man. When we got back home, we stayed upstairs, locked in our room because we were just paranoid about how crazy the week was. It was really tough,“ she said as transcribed by ESPN.

In fact, Namajunas says she is still wary about leaving her house and talks through her issues with a therapist.

“I’m still trying not to leave the house too much or there will be times when I’m just like, ‘Yeah we should just go home,’ like I just have a weird feeling. I live in a very nice neighborhood, there’s nothing that really goes on around here. So, for me to be like sketch. ... I’m still paranoid about everything. I have a therapist that I go see,” she revealed.

According to Namajunas, McGregor did reach out to apologize to her on Instagram. An apology that was rejected by the 115-pound champion, as she didn’t take it as a sincere. Furthermore, Rose’s significant other, Pat Barry, thinks the message didn’t actually come from the former two-division champion.

“It said, ‘I’m sorry for what happened,’ and then it was like, but then he immediately went on to like justifying what he did and stuff like that and the reasons why he did it,” Namajunas explained. “That to me was like, it really doesn’t matter. I don’t care what beef he’s got with who. That’s none of my business, I don’t need to know that information. Do you know what I mean? That doesn’t do anything for me,” she said.

“So there was an apology and I’m a pretty cool person and I always accept apologies, but to me, I’m like a personal person, I like face to face. That’s how I like to handle things. I feel like anything can be worked out, you just gotta talk through it as adults.”

“Yeah, I said ‘f--- that,’” Namajunas said when asked her response. “I said call Pat [Barry]. I just put Pat’s phone number and said, ‘f--- that’ to whatever your message is and call him.”

According to both Rose and Barry, a phone call was never received from the fiery Irishman.

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