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Nate Diaz attacks! UFC slugger caught brawling in the stands of local MMA show, yet again (Video)

Streets of Rage IV?

Folks, this is the kind of experience you just can’t get when practicing in the controlled environment of a mixed martial arts (MMA) training camp, so I guess we can thank Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight Nate Diaz for his innovative, hands-on approach.

Sure, some craniums got cracked at the Fight to Win Pro 77 event last Friday night in Sacramento, Calif., but Diaz is already 1-0 on the NoCal scene after last month’s brawl at Combate Americas (watch it) so hey, gotta strike while the iron is hot and all that jazz.

TMZ reports that no arrests were made and that Diaz and his goons quickly fled the scene, presumably to go change those Stockton diapers.

No telling when Diaz or his older bother Nick will make their eventual return to cage fighting. The former has been inactive since dropping a decision to Conor McGregor at UFC 202 in late 2016, while the latter has been benched in recent weeks for his role in a domestic dispute.

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