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Donald ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone plans to fight until the UFC says, ‘No more’

Cerrone is 1-4 over the past two years, but don’t think that means he’s considering retirement after UFC ‘Singapore.’

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone dropped a hard fought decision to Leon Edwards in Singapore yesterday, but the smiling “Cowboy” that showed up to the post-event press conference looked surprisingly chipper for a man who’d just lost a fight.

”Sorry, they were doing plastic surgery to me,” he joked to the press as he arrived. “They’re making me good looking again!”

What we saw during his interview with the press was a man completely at peace with his performance. As far as Cerrone is concerned, just making it into the cage after spending fight day sick in bed was an accomplishment all its own.

”This is the first time in my career I almost called Dana [White] and said man, I’m not coming to work today,” Cerrone said. “And then I just f**king looked at myself in the mirror and said ‘Man, you’re not that guy. Just go. That has nothing to do with the way I fought. I’m very proud of myself, actually, for getting in there and fighting. So I’m happy. I don’t have any remorse or doubts or upset in any way. I don’t think I lost any stock. I looked good.”

”I love my job more than any of you can ever imagine,” he said later. “I love getting in there and fighting, so winning and losing is part of this game, man. Unfortunately, it sucks: I only got half my check. But hey, I had fun. I really did. I had a good time. I’m still looking to fight two more times this year, so if there’s anybody out there looking to fight Cowboy the old dog, give me a call and we can set this up.”

”Cowboy” also has an ambitious timeline for getting back into the Octagon.

”ASAP, I’d like to get on the nearest card I can,” he said. “Six to eight weeks from now would be nice.”

As you can tell, the 35 year old Cerrone isn’t contemplating retirement any time soon.

”[I want to fight] at least five more years, definitely,” he said. “At least! Until the UFC says, ‘No more.’ I’m getting old in this sport, and I’m loving every minute of it. But maybe the new kids are coming in. Maybe they’re not, I don’t know. There sure are tough guys out there, man. And there’s not enough people like me out there that give these young guys a chance. So I’m glad I can be the guy that says ‘Man, I’ll fight any of you guys.’”

”I’m going to go until the UFC says ‘Cowboy, enough, bro. Enough, enough, enough!’ I’m going to stay here and keep fighting until they tell me I can’t any more. Until the kids just wash me down. But this old dog still got a lot in me, I stood there five rounds and gave it hell, man, with a smile on my face.”

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