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UFC Fight Night 132 results: Leon Edwards bloodies Donald Cerrone en route to unanimous decision win

Welterweight veteran Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone attempted to turn back prospect Leon Edwards today (Sat., June 23, 2018) at UFC Fight Night 132 from inside the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang, Singapore, exclusively on UFC Fight Pass. Edwards had managed to get Cerrone fired up with his trash talk ahead of the bout, which Cerrone perceived as disrespectful. Edwards was riding a five-fight winning streak already, and his hard-fought win over Cerrone would make it six straight.

Cerrone opened the fight with a side kick to the body; Edwards landed a hard body kick. He also landed a left straight, ducked in for a takedown. Cerrone stayed upright, defending with an overhook in the clinch. Edwards pushed him against the cage, landed a couple uppercuts. He spun for a back kick, stepped forward with punches that didn’t connect. Edwards looked calm, shucking off a Cerrone takedown attempt. They traded knees to the body, clinched again. Edwards tripped Cerrone, who got right back up, then landed another knee. Edwards threw up a high kick, blocked. Cerrone landed a straight right to the midsection. Cerrone looked for a head kick, blocked. He threw out his front kick. Edwards landed a couple leg kicks, then a head kick. Cerrone blocked a body kick attempt. Cerrone landed an outside leg kick. Edwards’ jab popped Cerrone’s head back.

Edwards landed a nice body kick; Cowboy returned the favor moments later. Edwards landed a nice elbow. Cerrone’s face, busted open in the first round, was still bleeding. Cerrone caught Edwards as he tried to move past with a level change, landing a knee and pushing Edwards to the fence. Edwards reversed him, landed a big elbow on the break. He threw a body kick on the break. Cerrone ate another body kick, slipped a combination, caught Edwards with a right straight. Cerrone landed his lead side/front-kick to the body. They exchanged, then Cerrone landed a cup kick and stepped back in apology. The referee gave Edwards time to recover. Edwards flipped Cerrone off with a grin, was rebuked by the referee. Edwards landed a body kick, a knee in the clinch. Cerrone landed a smacking head kick on the clinch break, but Edwards’ only reaction was to immediately turn to the referee and point out Cerrone was grabbing the inside of his glove. Dramatic finish to the second round.

Edwards timed Cerrone coming in with a sharp left hand. Cerrone came back with a combination, landing on a shelled Edwards. They exchanged, clinched, Edwards landed a knee in the clinch. Edwards landed a lead hook. Cerrone tried to push forward, landed a sharp uppercut, then an overhand in combination. Edwards jabbed, Cerrone followed the jab back with a straight to the body and a hook up top. Cerrone clinched, pushing Edwards to the fence. Edwards looked for his jab, and Cerrone followed it back into a shot, which Edwards stuffed. Edwards landed a left straight. Cerrone went to the body with a right straight of his own. They clinched again, shoved each other away. Cerrone threw up a head kick, blocked. Edwards raised his arms in a taunt, landed an intercepting left fist; Cerrone stepped in again, landing to the body.

Cerrone’s corner told him the last round was his, that “we wanted to take him into deep waters. Here we are.” Edwards looked to counter Cerrone with his left straight as ‘Cowboy’ stepped in. Edwards landed a kick catch and a left straight. Cerrone pushed Edwards against the cage. Edwards feinted, landed a high kick. Cerrone landed a step-up outside low kick. Edwards slammed in another body kick. Edwards landed another quick left hand as Cerrone stepped in. Cowboy pushed him against the cage again. Edwards tried for a trip, landed on the bottom for a second, got back to his feet. Edwards landed an elbow on the clinch break. Edwards landed a high kick that Cerrone caught and dumped him backwards, but Leon cartwheeled away and remained standing. Cerrone threw a high kick as the round ended.

Cerrone’s corner said the fight was tied and told him “you got that mountain air in your lungs”; Edwards corner said Cerrone would be desperate and to catch him with the right hand. Edwards connected on a one-two. Cerrone landed an outside leg kick. Edwards landed an inside leg kick. Edwards seemed content to wait for Cerrone, while the Cowboy seemed to be unsure of an opening. He moved forward, got double underhooks and looked to take Edwards down. He worked hard but he got Edwards to the canvas with a nice trip, a little more than a minute on the clock. Edwards tried to work his way to the cage and wall-walk, which he successfully did. He threw out a couple leg kicks, but when he tried a left straight Cerrone slipped and nearly countered. Cerrone pointed to the center of the cage in an indication to stand and trade. Edwards confirmed and they traded, Cerrone moving fowards and Edwards moving away, but both men throwing. It wasn’t quite Max Holloway-Ricardo Lamas, but it was an end that made Cerrone happy. “I f—-ing love my job.” he said when the final bell rang.

Edwards said afterwards that he had looked up to Cerrone since he was a kid, and it was an honor to go five rounds with him. He called out Jorge Masvidal as the next step up the ladder. He said he wasn’t surprised by anything Cerrone did, because (again) he’s been watching him since he was a kid, and knows everything he does. Cerrone, who still had a big smile on his face, said he had been sick all day, and told his coaches he didn’t want to fight tonight, but he did anyway and said “I love it.”

Edwards looked excellent, and proved he is ready for the elite at welterweight, going five rounds with a legend of the sport.

Official result: Leon Edwards def. Donald Cerrone via unanimous decision (48-47)

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