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UFC Fight Night 132 results: Jessica Eye edges decision over Jessica-Rose Clark

Jessica Eye and Jessica-Rose Clark faced off today (Saturday, June 23, 2018) at UFC Fight Night 132 from inside the Singapore Indoor Stadium in Kallang, Singapore, live on UFC Fight Pass. At stake was a place in the upper rankings at women’s flyweight, and a claim to be the best ‘Jessica’ in the game.

They came out looking to work disciplined striking games; Eye was working behind a sharp jab setting up her straight right. Clark was looking to counter with her own jab, roundhouse kicks to the leg, and slipping to come back with hooks. Eye landed a kick of her own up the middle. Clark ate a right straight to land a left hook in return. Eye triple jabbed and landed another right straight; Clark came back with a sharp hook that connected. Clark flurried but it was Eye who landed at the end of the round, knocking Clark backwards.

They traded inside leg kicks to start the second round. Eye stepped in with a straight to the body. Clark feinted a hook and landed a nice overhand right. Eye threw a nice combination off a body kick and Clark countered with a hook. Clark stepped in, slipped to her back. Eye tried to get top position and had front headlock position but Clark did well to get back to her feet and into open space. Eye landed a front round kick. She triple jabbed forward but fell short on her right hand. Clark landed a hard leg kick. Eye threw a right hand and the head kick afterwards appeared to connect. Clark landed an overhand right and a moment later, a hook. Eye landed a jab as Clark moved forward to pressure. They exchanged. Eye stepped in with a switch knee to the body and Clark countered with a winging hook. Clark pressed forward as the round ended and landed an overhand, a hook, and a knee to the body from the clinch.

The closely matched flyweights came out kicking, Eye landing a nice lead body kick in combination. Clark came forward and landed a couple hooks but got backed up by Eye, who connected on several straight punches. Clark landed a pretty lead hooking elbow, then a body kick. Eye popped her jab. They clinched, Eye looked for a takedown briefly. They clinched again and Eye landed a nice trip takedown into half guard. In a closely matched striking battle, getting top position could very well have won the round for Eye. She pinned Clark’s arm looking for an Americana and landed short elbows to the body and then the head, finishing out the fight in side control with her knee on Clark’s head.

Jessica Eye was elated and emotional when her name was read, saying “y’all judged me because I wasn’t a bantamweight... but now I’m the bigger girl!” She said she is a gamer, showing up every time, and said she is championship material. That’s understandable; after losing four straight fights at bantamweight, this is her second win in a row in the flyweight division.

Official result: Jessica Eye def. Jessica-Rose Clark via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28x2)

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