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Robert Whittaker calling bulls—t on ‘magic’ changes that made Yoel Romero ‘superhuman’ at UFC 225

MMA: UFC 225-Whittaker vs Romero Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion, Robert Whittaker, wants to know how two-time title contender, Yoel Romero, went from Mumen Rider to One Punch Man is less than 12 months.

Especially considering “Soldier of God” put forth the performance of a lifetime roughly 24 hours after he suffered a “scary” weight cut that was so debilitating, his limp body was carried from the UFC 225 weigh ins.

How can a 41 year-old athlete have such incredible recuperative powers? Probably magic, which is why Whittaker felt like he was fighting a T-800 when the cage door closed earlier this month in Chicago.

The Aussie elaborates to GrangeTV (transcribed by Tom Taylor):

“Whatever he’s hydrating on, I would like to know so I can also hydrate on that because it turns you superhuman, just about. When I was punching and kicking him he felt like metal — like a dude made out of concrete, it was a ridiculous. I fought him a year ago, and he didn’t feel like concrete. Not like that. He’s a tough guy, and like I said before, he’s a top-caliber athlete. But for him to come back the way he did, and for him to feel so differently and to perform so differently than he did a year ago — ‘cause let’s not forget, I have fought him before. I’ve experienced his shots, I’ve experienced landing shots on him, I’ve experience fighting him before. For him to make those changes physically and athletically, in a year, at the age of 41… I’m leaving that down to nothing more than magic.”

Bad things happen when you mix magic with science (just ask this guy).

Just like he did at UFC 213, Whittaker went five rounds with Romero in a back-and-forth war; however, “The Reaper” sustained an inordinate amount of damage the second-time around, while seemingly unable to stop the rampaging Cuban.

That probably came as a surprise to the power-punching Aussie, who expected his opponent to “look old” in their championship do-over. Instead, Romero looked as dangerous as he did at UFC 221 when he starred in that snuff film with Luke Rockhold.

At least he didn’t get kissed goodnight.

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