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Turns out Conor McGregor is genetically predisposed to suck at cardio

How did Floyd Mayweather defeat Conor McGregor?

The same way Nate Diaz finished the power-punching Irishman, by dragging him into deep waters and drowning him late in the fight. Their approaches were slightly different, however, as Mayweather used fancy footwork and superior head movement to exhaust McGregor whereas Diaz simply blocked punches with his face.

Whatever, a win is a win.

“Notorious” was criticized in both losses for failing to bring his cardiovascular conditioning up to championship level, but it turns out “Notorious” could have spent his entire fight camp on the treadmill and it wouldn’t have made a lick of difference.

That’s according to famed fight trainer, Fires Zahabi, who was recently making waves on Joe Rogan’s official podcast.

“It think it’s partly genetic,” Zahabi said. “He’s got that left hand, it’s the touch of death. That touch of death comes at a cost. If you have a fast-twitch muscle fiber, you can hold less oxygen, but it can twitch faster. Hence the name. So, if you’re a slow-twitch muscle fiber guy, you can metabolize more oxygen, but you can’t twitch as fast. So, there’s a give and take.”

That explains this surprising admission.

And here I thought McGregor was taking so much time off from UFC because he was filthy rich and too busy playing with his new toys to fight. But it turns out he just needed a year’s vacation to catch his breath.

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