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Jon Jones just shut down UFC’s Daniel Cormier poll because ‘Bones’ is ‘the motherf—king man’

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, Daniel Cormier, believes he can be called the greatest mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter of all time, which is a surprising take when you consider that he’s not even the greatest fighter in his division.

Sorry, Dana.

That honor belongs to former 205-pound kingpin Jon Jones, who holds two one-and-a-half victories over “DC”, though I think we would all agree that Cormier, at least to date, has been the better champion outside the cage.

Blame the idiots.

Nevertheless, Cormier can make history and get his name into the conversation with a win over heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic at UFC 226, which would make the Olympian a two-division champion (like this fellow wrestler) and leave him in elite company that doesn’t include “Bones.”

Jones is not impressed.

“What have you done for me lately? Let’s just be real and stop asking this question,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “If he’s in the conversation, does that make me the motherfucking man? Man, I can’t wait to get my job back and slap somebody.”

He can start with this guy.

Jones (22-1, 1 NC) captured a unanimous decision win over Cormier (20-1, 1 NC) at UFC 182, then knocked him out in their UFC 214 rematch last July. Unfortuately for “Bones,” that emphatic win was overturned to a “No Contest” after a run-in with United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), which resurrected all that “asterisk” talk.

How about it, fight fans, who is the current (or perhaps even future) G.O.A.T.?

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