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UFC Utica, The Morning After: Fighter who KOed himself tells opponent ‘your lucky’

What you may have missed from last night

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Sao Paulo-Figueiredo vs Brooks Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

By far the weirdest finish last night at UFC: Utica, was flyweight Jarred Brooks going for a slam and knocking himself silly instead. His opponent, Jose Torres, wasted no time turning around and finishing him. Brooks, who goes by “The Monkey God”, wants Torres to know the only person who beat him, was himself.

The first round of the bout had been going Brooks’ way, but there is no undoing the finish.

As much as Brooks wants, he can’t claw back time.

Hopefully the error doesn’t affect Brooks’ UFC run; he is now 1-2 in the UFC, but had racked up a 13-0 record prior to a split decision loss and now this.

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