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Midnight Mania! Sleeping through the fights? There’s an app for that

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Welcome to Midnight Mania! In case you missed it, there is a fight card going on tonight, so this is going to be a shorter Midnight Mania than usual. Check out our fight coverage of UFC Utica here and look for my live recaps of the top four fights.

Also, if you been having trouble with some UFC fights lately not keeping your attention, you might want to invest in this app that wakes you back up for UFC fights.

It does not appear to be available for iOS... sorry, fellow iPhone users.


Congrats to Cub Swanson and Kenda Perez!

When you’ve seen that highlight of Frankie Edgar slamming Gray Maynard one too many times

Let’s watch that in reverse

I guess this is how you would train for Lethwei

Burmese bareknuckle boxing blue belt. #BBBBB #LethweiBoxing #BurmeseBoxing

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Never change, parents

Junior Dos Santos’ prep continues with medicine ball throws at American Top Team

Mads Burnell knows how to get featured on Midnight Mania: post old boxing highlights

She just contracted life-ending diseases but hey at least she didn’t drown. Derrick Lewis approves.

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Street fights can be awfully petty

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So, Andrea KBG Lee’s husband has two Nazi tattoos from his prison days... but if he’s not a neo-Nazi, why didn’t he cover them up?

That’s an SS tattoo.

Chandler looks to be angling for a UFC contract and a fight with Justin Gaethje


Some non-UFC fights happened today too

I once took a single-leg defense seminar from Yves Edwards... he never taught us this. That’s more advanced Thugjitsu


Random Land

Watch this elephant drop another elephant out of it’s womb LIKE A BOSS

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