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Video: Urijah Faber hit by car, injured ahead of UFC Singapore

Can anyone confirm the whereabouts of Jon Jones?

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight title contender, Urijah Faber, recently arrived in Singapore, presumably for the UFC Fight Night 132 mixed martial arts (MMA) event this weekend on Fight Pass, where Team Alpha Male standout Teruto Ishihara will throw hands opposite Petr Yan.

Probably not the warm welcome he was hoping for.

“I just got run over by a car in Singapore,” Faber wrote on social media. “Stepped into the street and got ‘ba-donk’ right on my foot. Survivor.”

Faber, 39, was clearly injured in the accident and practically disfigured. I mean, there’s no possible way his foot could look like that without getting run over by a car ... right? Either way, it was dramatic enough to make “The California Kid” take off his shirt.

All kidding aside, Faber (34-10) is fortunate this wasn’t more serious. Wanderlei Silva was hit by a car back in 2016 ... roughly four years after his father was struck and killed by a vehicle in Brazil.

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