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Watch Ronda Rousey get ragdolled by Nia Jax at WWE Money in the Bank

Ronda Rousey just got a shot at the RAW women’s championship. Here’s how that went.


Ronda Rousey had her second full match in the WWE this Sunday at Money In The Bank (MITB), and it was another strong showing for the former UFC champion.

Rousey faced off against RAW women’s champion Nia Jax in a back and forth match that ended with Ronda seconds away from winning the belt with an armbar, only to have Alexa Bliss show up and smack her in the head with a briefcase to steal the win. Pro wrestling!

Rousey continues to impress for a greenhorn that’s new to the wrestling game. This was the first time she’s wrestled a full match sans tag partner, and she looked like she belonged in the co-main of a WWE pay-per-view. Nia Jax spent a good amount of the match beating on Ronda, and Rousey ragdolled realistically across her new stage, taking some huge bumps and selling them well.

Another highlight of the match featured Rousey tossing Jax with a legit judo throw. More of this please thank you!

But any MMA fan is going to have a hard time overlooking the ridiculous armbars Rousey was using through the match. For some reason the WWE has decided to cartoonify the submission, resulting in several eye rolling moments during the bout. Why they wouldn’t just do it, like, for realsies, I have no idea. But they don’t, and it is awful.

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