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Liam Neeson KOs Conor McGregor in Ireland’s Favorite Dad poll

Ouch. Just 2% of Irish considered McGregor a great dad in a recent Father’s Day poll.

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Conor McGregor may have made it near the top of Forbes’ Highest Paid Athletes list this year, but he’s got a long way to go if he wants to dominate Ireland’s Favorite Dad list. P&G Cards polled a sample of 1000 Irish adults leading up to Father’s Day to see who gives off the best warm fuzzy daddy feels.

Surprisingly, actor Liam Neeson came in first with a staggering 39% including him as their favorite Irish father. As for Conor McGregor? He came in dead last with 2%, on par with Donald Trump on the International list. Even U2’s Bono did better with 3%. It probably doesn’t help that McGregor has spent the past year as tabloid fodder acting the fool in a variety of different situations. All the cute Conor Jr. photos on Instagram can’t counter that.

Here’s the top five in the two main categories:

Liam Neeson (39%)
Michael Higgins (23%)
Johnny Sexton (17%)
Ryan Tubridy (9%)
Dermot Bannon (5%)

Barack Obama (56%)
David Beckham (16%)
Prince William (15%)
George Clooney (6%)
Cristiano Ronaldo (5%)

Neeson is best known for his Taken movies, which feature him killing half the sex traffickers in Europe to save his daughters. That probably helped him out a fair deal. Who doesn’t want a father who can save you from enslavement? Irish president Michael Higgins came in second, and then rugby star Johnny Sexton in third.

”It seems that maybe older, wiser and very active statesman-like figures are key traits that Irish people admire,” Michelle Daly of P&G Cards said when announcing the votes. “Especially with Liam Neeson and President Michael D coming out tops for Irish role model fathers with Barack Obama joining them from abroad.”

Better luck next year, Conor!

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