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The next Ronda Rousey? Dana White gets into a pro wrestling match in Memphis

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White got more than he bargained for while ‘Lookin’ for a Fight’ in Tennessee.


Dana White’s Lookin’ For A Fight continues filming, not to be confused with Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series, which is also back for another season. And while the shows have similar names and goals, Lookin’ For A Fight takes White on the road with UFC Hall of Famer Matt Serra and Din Thomas. On Friday night they were in Memphis Tennessee and it looks like they got a different kind of fight: a pro wrestling match.

It all went down in front of Jerry “The King” Lawler’s Bar and Grill for Memphis Wrestling’s Beale Street Brawl event. While you can expect way more footage of the happening to appear along with the official episode, for now here’s a few clips of White spreading his wrasslin’ wings and flying so high.