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Joe Rogan slams CM Punk’s UFC 225 performance: He has no athletic talent whatsoever

MMA: UFC 225-Punk vs Jackson Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

CM Punk’s second effort inside the Octagon didn’t go as he would’ve liked, as the former WWE wrestler was dominated and toyed with for 15 minutes by Mike Jackson last Saturday night (June 9, 2018) at UFC 225 in Chicago.

While he didn’t get finished in two minutes like he did at UFC 203 by Mickey Gall, Punk -- real name Phil Brooks — failed to produce any offense for 15 minutes, leading to a one-sided beatdown which wasn’t too pleasing to the eye.

According to UFC commentator Joe Rogan, the problem is fairly simple, taking to his podcast to call out Punk for his obvious lack in athletic capabilities, likening the fight to a pitbull getting locked into a cage against a “puppy.”

“He’s a very nice guy and he’s a hard worker, but he does not have athletic talent,” said Joe. “He’s missing....he’s a showman, and when he was in the WWE, he was allowed to say, ‘I am the fucking man!’ And throw his hand up in the air and say he is the man, and they had it scripted so that he was the man. But when you’re in there with a guy like Mike Jackson, who had zero fear of him and was just so casual, popping him in the face anytime he wanted to, he literally could’ve stopped him anytime, if he got angry and wanted to stop him, he could’ve at any point in the fight.”

Since Jackson opted to play with his food instead of eating it right away, his time inside the Octagon has also likely run out if UFC President Dana White has his way.

Meanwhile, other athletes have been able to make successful crossovers into professional fisticuffs (prime example here) due to their athletic talents, something Punk simply doesn’t have in his DNA, according to Joe, despite countless years as a WWE superstar.

“He doesn’t have the ability to move his body right. There’s a lot of guys you can take out there, track and field guys, football players and you can get them to fight better than him in a couple of weeks easily because they are athletes,” explained Joe.

“They’d understand how to shift their weight and throw a punch. He doesn’t have any talent, is all it is, he doesn’t have physical talent for whatever reason. Whether it’s his approach, his intensity. It’s not his coaching, it’s Duke-fucking-Roufus.”

Rogan went on to express his disdain for placing the bout on the pay-per-view (PPV) portion of the card at the expense of longtime veteran Alistair Overeem. And while White openly defended the move prior to fight night, he was singing a different tune after the bout.

Nevertheless, CM Punk’s time has come to an end as he will now have to look for other avenues to satisfy his need to fight. Perhaps if this was around earlier, Punk could’ve attempted to prove himself before getting thrown into the deep end straight away.

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