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Darren Till can still make welterweight, insists UFC Liverpool weight cut ‘wasn’t bad in any way’

MMA: UFC Fight Night-Liverpool: Thompson vs Till Per Haljestam-USA TODAY Sports

Now that everyone is shaking their fists over the horrors of weight cutting, both real and perceived, top welterweight contender, Darren Till, wants you to know that he’s fine, has been fine, and will always be fine at 170 pounds.

Cut him some slack, he’s just “a little rag a--e from Liverpool.”

As far as that whole “OMG HE WENT BLIND” video, Till insists it was blown way out of proportion and that he missed weight due to outside circumstances, and not because he’s too big to make the division limit.

“I didn’t lose sight, I was just feeling dizzy,” Till told ESPN. “It was five o’clock in the morning and I was up all night and I’d been back and forth to the hospital and then in the sauna. Obviously, the video makes it look a little bit worse but it wasn’t in any way bad.”

Despite missing weight, Till was able to defeat Stephen Thompson in the UFC Fight Night 130 mixed martial arts (MMA) main event last month in Liverpool, England, which aired exclusively on UFC Fight Pass (results here).

“I can still make welterweight, that’s for certain,” Till said. “Yeah, it’s put a little dampener on my win, but it doesn’t change the fact that I beat the No. 1 in the world. If anything, I was worse off in the fight. I was at 60 percent because I cut weight wrong that night. I was dehydrated, I was weak, so I wasn’t my full self, but I just feel like a bit too much of a big deal has been made out of it.”

That’s twice the amount of this fellow contender.

No telling yet what UFC has in store for Till moving forward, but he recently received an invitation to the promotion’s performance institute in Las Vegas, Nevada, where fighters struggling to cut weight correctly can go to get educated.

If this guy can do it, anyone can.

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