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Midnight Mania! Two-weight UFC champion Georges St. Pierre no match for charging gorilla

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UFC 217: Montreal Media Day with Georges St-Pierre Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Former UFC welterweight and middleweight champion Georges St. Pierre has a lot of experience in scary situations, but none of his fight training prepared him for this: he was charged by a gorilla in the jungle. The former champion made no pretense of unnecessary toughness, adopting a submissive posture and ducking out of the way.

This video was taken in Africa seconds after an alpha gorilla charged me. I had to take a submissive posture and get out of his way. One of the most frightening and incredible experiences of my life - even with all the fight training in the world I wouldn’t have been a match!

In the background, the smaller gorillas continue casually playing and wrestling with each other. It’s evident from the video St. Pierre’s fear was justified- unlike the movie ‘“Tarzan”, there is no chance even a lifelong martial artist and athlete like GSP would have against a foe clearly out of his weight class.

St. Pierre has teased a return against a foe more his size, Russian lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov, who, incidentally, grew up wrestling bear cubs in the Caucasus mountains. The fight, if it comes to fruition, won’t solve the age-old question of whether a gorilla would beat a bear, but it might determine the best MMA wrestler in history.


Welterweight Darren Till, nicknamed the Gorilla, couldn’t resist cracking a joke in GSP’s direction.

What’s @georgesstpierre doing at me house ?

A post shared by Till (@darrentill2) on

What’s up with Canadian fighters exploring the wilderness today? Here’s Ragin Kajan Johnson doing some hardcore parkour.

Luke Rockhold’s leg is gruesome. You might not want to see this. Oh well...

Tony Ferguson has a lot of mats. He’s like the supervillain of mats, like the Joker on his pile of cash.

Cody Garbrandt has the traumatized smile of someone who has gone through this.

Dana White has jokes! Well, everyone has jokes about this. Here’s hoping the optics of international diplomacy actually leads to a better world.

A post shared by Dana White (@danawhite) on

Because I’m a more recent fan, I didn’t know this story, and I appreciated reading it.

Paige VanZant fought through her broken arm injury, evidently didn’t give it time to heal, and now she will have to have more serious surgery. Hopefully it goes well for her.

Angela Hill working her push kicks

Frankie Edgar’s dog is one resourceful canine

Jonny Bones has been training in his garage for a while, but with that Brock Lesnar fight in the offing he seems to have upped his social media posts.

Nothing great comes overnight. I think someone’s going to catch these hands.

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Reps reps reps

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He doesn’t think Lesnar’s weight and strength will be a problem- bird legs or no.

How long has he been waiting to spring this joke?

Gegard Mousasi vs. Robert Whittaker would be an awesome fight, and a reminder that Bellator has managed to snag top five fighters across several divisions. They may not have the deepest rivals, but their best champions- Rory Macdonald, Mousasi, Michael Chandler- could beat UFC champions on a given night.

Apparently Charlie Chaplin’s version predated the infamous meme by a century.

l Best thing since sliced açaí

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Lando Vannata with some incredible martial arts tips.

Some equally valuable travel advice here

Slips, Rips, and Comeback Clips

It’s generally rare to see comebacks so this regional MMA comeback was pretty fun to watch

A reversal is a comeback right?

This was a comeback of much higher stakes and skill

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I guess we are really doing this: Dana White not really caring about the ethics of promoting an unrepentant domestic abuser like Greg Hardy because he is, surprise surprise, good at violence, is both predictable and symptomatic of our sport.

Random Land

People jumping

Coming to you live from Minnesota: Hopefully a raccoon that doesn’t jump. This is happening as I finish up so I hope to wake up and find out the little guy made it.

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