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Ex-New York prosecutors: Conor McGregor’s charges ‘not too serious,’ unlikely to face jail time

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Conor McGregor is due in a New York court later this week to step in front of a judge and explain the reason he decided to go berserk on a bus full of fighters prior to UFC 223 in Brooklyn, N.Y., injuring several and forcing the cancelation of multiple fights.

Relive the madness here.

But, according to one former (and one current) New York prosecutor — via a recent report from Business Insider — “Notorious” won’t be facing any serious charges and the possibilities of him facing any jail time are minimal.

“But, for his celebrity status, it’s just a run-of-the-mill case,’’ William Kephart, a former prosecutor in Long Island told USA Today. “People get into arguments and things get broken, fists are flying more times than not.…

Another ex-prosecutor for the state of New York says the chances of McGregor actually stepping foot inside a jail are slim too none.

”I would think, given the fact that assault charges are misdemeanors and the most serious charge is criminal mischief, it’s unlikely he would face jail time,’’ said Steven Raiser, another former New York prosecutor who described the charges as “not too serious.’’

“The good news for McGregor is that the most serious charge is the property damage charge,’’ he said. “With no prior criminal history, this will be reduced as part of a plea,” he added, while saying community service could be in his future.

“Because he is a high-profile athlete, there is a lot of good he can do with the youth,’’ Raiser said. “If the DA is smart, they’ll work out a deal which will involve him giving back to the community.’’

UFC President Dana White has gone on record that the promotion will punish the Irishman for his transgression, but would wait to see what -- if anything -- comes out of his court hearing. Which, according to these comments, McGregor will likely get away with a simple slap of the wrist since money makes the world go ‘round.

Should McGregor escape his latest tempter tantrum scot-free, the promotion will look to book a Lightweight title fight between “Notorious” and current division kingpin Khabib Nurmagomedov, the man McGregor was trying to get into a street fight with in Brooklyn.

This, even though “The Eagle” has recently cooled down on his need to beat down McGregor, instead focusing his efforts on trying to score a fight against former Welterweight and Middleweight champion, Georges St-Pierre.

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