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UFC 225: X-ray reveals Robert Whittaker’s thumb pretty much snapped in half

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion, Robert Whittaker, was fortunate enough to escape the United Center in Chicago, Illinois, with his 185-pound title intact following five grueling rounds with division slugger Yoel Romero last Saturday night (June 9, 2018) on pay-per-view (PPV).

His thumb, on the other hand, was not as lucky.

“The Reaper” released the X-ray of his broken hand on Sunday showing the damage incurred from “Soldier of God” early in the bout. The Aussie continued to fight pretty much one handed and captured a razor-thin split decision over the Cuban contender.

“That was the hardest fight of my career and it was a war,” Whittaker wrote on social media. “I didn’t need to take the fight but I told you I would give you fireworks ... hope you liked them.”

The middleweight title will be put on ice for the time being as both Whittaker and the self-proclaimed “People’s Champion” recover from their injuries.

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