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A hospitalized Yoel Romero is declaring he’s the people’s champ

Listen to Romero’s emotional message following his absolute war with Robert Whittaker at UFC 225.

After his slobberknocker of a fight against Robert Whittaker at UFC 225, Yoel Romero took the mic and made it clear he won that fight. Unfortunately, two of the three judges disagreed with him, handing Whittaker the victory. Even if Yoel had won, he wouldn’t have actually taken the belt off Robert. A fraction of a pound weight snafu ruled him ineligible for the title no matter what the outcome.

That isn’t stopping Romero from considering himself the champion too. Yoel sent a heartfelt message from his hospital bed via MMA Junkie with his eye swollen shut and a big bloody plug sticking out of his nose.

”Hello guys, I love you everyone,” he said. “I love you! I see you soon. Tonight, I no feeling that I losing. I am the champ. Is like a movie. Like Rocky Marciano. Today, I am ‘Black Rocky.’ Not ‘Soldier of God.’ I am ‘Black Rocky.’ The people’s champ.”

There’s no doubt that Romero has the heart of a champion, and we’ll gladly consider him the honorary 185.2 pound title holder for now. Whether he stays at middleweight or takes UFC’s suggestion to move up to light heavyweight, it feels like there’s a pretty good chance he’ll get another shot at a real belt soon.

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