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Oscar de la Hoya finalizing Chuck Liddell fight contract, which will ‘bum’ Dana White out

Former boxing great Oscar de la Hoya recently revealed his interest in getting into the mixed martial arts (MMA) business and starting up Golden Boy MMA with the help of Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz.

And not as in business partners, so to speak, but rather as his potential first blockbuster bout.

That is not music to Dana White’s ears, as he said during an interview on the UFC Unfiltered podcast that while nothing would make him happier than to see his old friend Chuck get into the MMA business with Oscar as a rival promotion, he doesn’t want to see his former Light Heavyweight champion fighting again.

“I get it. Everybody sees whats going on, everybody wants a piece, and I hope that’s the case. What I do hope is that he is partnering up with Chuck Liddell and they are going to be partners other than have Chuck Liddell come in and fight. If they are going to partner up in the MMA business, nothing will make me happier. That is awesome and I would love to hear if that is true for Chuck. If he plans on kicking off his MMA program with Chuck fighting, that would not be good and really, really bum me out. Chuck Liddell is almost 50 years old, he doesn’t need to be fighting.”

That said, Oscar may just put Chuck into his first-ever main event bout simply out of spite. And according to his recent comments to TMZ, everything is in motion to make it happen.

“We’re finalizing contracts, getting everything rolling, so I’m excited man!” he added. ”I’ve been talking to Chuck and Tito and they have a crazy history. Both guys are beasts, man ... they wanna fight each other. Hey, I’m ready.”

While a trilogy fight probably doesn’t make sense since Liddell demolished Ortiz in both their prior meetings, it will still likely be able to manage a few eyeballs should it actually see the light of day.

Still, Oscar’s MMA dreams are just that at the moment, but there is no denying that the former boxing champion has the funds, the pull and the connections to get it going once he puts his mind to it. After all, Dana White has already started his venture into “The Golden Boy’s” territory, so it’s only right he do the same.

As for Liddell, he hasn’t competed since 2010 and ended his combat career on a three fight losing streak, all via knockout.

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