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F—k ESPN! Dana White routinely torched ‘dirty’ network ahead of UFC’s $150 million programming deal

While the folks at Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) are busy giving each other high fives and butt slaps, I thought it would be fun to take a short trip down memory lane to look at the beautiful friendship between promotion president Dana White and “the worldwide leader in sports.”

That’s because UFC and ESPN are now in bed together following today’s announcement (read it) in a deal worth $150 million, according to New Haven Register. That might come a surprise to those fans who remember White calling his new colleagues a “sham.”

When UFC landed the FOX television deal.

“ESPN always hated us and now they hate us more now that we are on FOX. They canceled my (interview) next week for UFC Rio. Fuck ESPN. Jim Rome is the only good thing about ESPN.”

When ESPN exposed the TRT epidemic in UFC:

“ESPN, as usual, they like to embellish shit. Here’s the other thing ESPN said in their story: ‘When Dana White has talked about this in the past, he’s flip-flopped.’ I have never fucking flip-flopped, ever did I flip flop. The whole ESPN, that thing was such a sham.”

When ESPN reported the gross inequality in UFC pay:

“You’ll see this thing in its entirety and you’ll see ESPN ‘Outside the Lines,’ E:60, these shows like this, how they do business and what they’re like. They’re dirty, they lie and they never give you all the facts.”

Speaking of flip-flopping...

UFC has been looking for a new place to air its live programming now that its existing FOX deal is coming to an end. While the ESPN partnership will feature a significant number of live events, there is still room for another network or online outlet to scoop up the rest.

And since $150 million heals all wounds, maybe we can get the new ZUFFA boxing venture to cut a deal with another huge mixed martial arts (MMA) fan in Bob Arum.

F-bombs for everyone!

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